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#1: Fascination Power Blogging With Lust

We’re going to get naughty today.


Dim your monitor. Shut your office door and get prepared to indulge yourself. See that gal in the photo above?  Enjoying that sweet, juicy, orange. Notice how the color of the orange accents the colors on the blog. Do you want more?

A few simple words is all it takes for your mind to fill in the rest.

Is your heart thumping just a little?

This is lust.  It’s emotional and impossible to ignore. It’s power is undeniable and potent.  If your blog barely registers on the excitement scale then you may need to add lust to your repertoire.

First, let’s get on the same page about how I’m defining lust. In this case, lust is the emotional urge to want more.  Lust isn’t rational, it’s raw primal emotion. It’s strongly connected to sex, but surprisingly researchers found we experience lust in unexpected ways.

Lust is the emotional urge to want more

In Fascinate, Sally Hogshead tells us about a simple experiment that showed how a panel of women were physically aroused while listening to the sound of Ferrari and Maserati engines.  I guess they didn’t test men because it’s hard to find a moment when we aren’t physically aroused by something!

You see the same lust for more when people buy a new pair of shoes, collect baseball caps, hoard apple fritters, and devour the latest Twilight book.  Look hard and you’ll see the animal need to have more everywhere.

Trigger Lust with your blog and your readers will be hypnotically compelled to visit, comment, retweet, and guest post.  They simply will not be able to get enough.

How to Boost Your Blog’s Appeal with Lust

Head-Snapping Headers

First impression count online too.  Your blog’s header needs to be drop-dead gorgeous if you are going to stoke your reader’s wild side.  Here’s where a designer will come in handy.  Remember, lust isn’t about sex, it IS about raw emotion.  So pick a style that triggers the exact emotion that you’re looking for.

Time for a Little “Eye Play”

I can’t stress enough how powerful graphics are to your blog.  They are the the best way to set the emotional tone for your posts.  In fact, sometimes a great image can save a mediocre post!  Take the time to pick the “perfect” image for every post.  This attention to detail will weave a hypnotic experience that can’t be ignored.

Emotional Language

Emotionally vivid words are the building blocks of seduction.  Strive to use words that paint striking mental pictures.  Here are a few examples: Hot ideas become “sizzling” ideas.  A tough workout becomes a “back-breaking” workout.  An inspiring story, becomes a tear-jerker. Get the idea?

Invitations for More

Lust wants more. It’s never satisfied.  You must constantly feed the monster.  After you’ve hand-delivered a lust-tinged experience, offer your reader an easy way to get more.  This can be as boring as a subscription to a newsletter or as exciting as a visually-rich ebook dedicated to a specific topic.

Comment Flirting

Lust is a contact sport, so don’t miss the chance to get your reader’s into the action.  If you’ve done your job right, readers will be clamoring to comment.  Make sure you whet their appetite for more with provocative invitations in your comment replies.  Never miss the chance to invite them back to your blog for another experience they’ll crave

A Word of Caution…

Lust is an advanced Fascination trigger.  Marilyn Monroe, Madonna, Gene Simmons, even JFK used it to turn themselves into legends.  However, Lust isn’t a gimmick.  You have feel and embrace it to pull it to successfully use it.

If you are naturally a subdued wall-flower then lust will feel forced and contrived.  Only use Lust if you can authentically expose this part of your personality to your audience. Don’t worry if you can’t cozy up to lust, there are 6 more fascination triggers to choose from and we’ll talk about each of them over the next few weeks.

Are You Going To Try Lust?

How are you going to use the Lust trigger in your blog?  What will you focus on first, your images, language, or invitations for more?  Do you have any concerns with using this primal tool?

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