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10 Subtle Lies That Cripple New Bloggers

Something has gone wrong, but you can’t put your finger on it.

Your posts aren’t attracting the attention they deserve.  Comments are scarce and retweets require hours of pleading on Twitter. You spend days scouring the web for answers.  You even reach out to other bloggers for their insight. But you still come up empty.

Soon you ask yourself if your market is ready for your blog. Or is the problem in your own head?

You May Have Talked Yourself into a Corner

Along the way you may bought into “rules-of-thumb” that sound right but are really holding you back. These lies are killing your blog.  Here are 10 of the most crippling ones…

  1. “They” Are Different Than Me

    This lie prevents you from using sound advice from other successful bloggers.  It tells you that “You are Unique” and that you can ignore “proven” strategies offered by successful business people.  So, instead of moving forward, you waste scarce time re-inventing the wheel.  Or even worse, you believe that everyone else has a special advantage.  You have to take the “scenic route” to success because you don’t have the money, education, or connections.  Trust me – this is bologna.

    Truth Serum: This post by Sugarrae will do the trick: “There are No Damn Silver Spoons (Or Defining and Achieving Success Online)

  2. My Branding Can Wait

    It’s easy to fall for this lie.  It cons you into believing your readers only care about the content of your posts.  Not true.  Your reader’s visit your blog for an experience.  Your writing is just a (big) part of your success formula.  The rest relies on how you present yourself and your brand.  Poor graphics and layout will distract your reader and disrupt  their experience. Your blog needs to look great now.  Get on it.

    Truth Serum: Annabel Candy’s excellent post will set you on the right path: Personal Online Branding to Make You Shine Online

  3. All I Need To Do is Publish Great Content

    This is a subtle lie that works because it is partially true. Great blogs DO have great content.  But, they are also great because people know they exist.  The big blogs promote themselves religiously.  Their content just pays off the promise. You may be buying into this thinking because your believe Marketing is inherently anti-social.  If so, then let’s deal with that fallacy right now –

  4. Marketing is Anti-Social

    This one really gets under my skin. Listen, passion hidden under a basket is worthless. You need to get your message out there.  That means you need to market your viewpoint constantly.  Get this straight – BAD Marketing is Anti-Social.  Good marketing is authentic, backed-up by real products, and focused on serving your reader.

  5. Making Money Shouldn’t Be A Goal

    You may believe that money is dirty and immoral.  Ok, fine.  However, consider this, if you were given $1 million would you use it for noble ends?  Could you help a person, a community, or a nation?  If you are truly passionate about your subject then why not make money to advance your cause?  Think about it.

    Truth Serum: I hang out with a great crowd of people called the Third Tribe.  We are learning how to combine authentic social strategies with business.  Check it out.

  6. I Need to be A Great Writer First

    This may get me into a little trouble, but I’ll say it anyway.  Most top bloggers aren’t the greatest writers.  They succeed because they are constantly improving their writing skills.  Now, I need you to hear this.  This lie is a stalling tactic.  It bottles you up until you hit some imaginary expert threshold.  Don’t fall prey to this mindset.  The best way to become a great writer is to write.  So get started.

  7. Blogging is My Business

    This lie uses misdirection to send you in the wrong direction.  If you look closely, the A-Listers use their blogs to gather an audience.  They then sell products to that audience.  It’s a simple model that works.  Blogging is not a business it is a tactic.

    Truth Serum: Taylor Lindstrom’s guest post on Copyblogger nails this one: “Why Your Blog Doesn’t Make Money”

  8. People Don’t Want to Know About Me

    This lie feeds a deep-seated fear that you aren’t good enough.  You may be thinking that your story isn’t all that interesting.  Or worse, you believe that people will be turned off by you.  This is simply not true.  Blogging is a social activity that works when you put yourself out there and make connections with real people. It still shocks me that one of the most popular pages on this blog is the About Me section.  Give this some serious thought

  9. There’s a Magic Formula to Success

    This is another stalling tactic.  You’ve fallen for this lie if you are scouring the web looking for the perfect formula.  If you are busy “researching” then you aren’t writing and promoting your passion.  The only “silver bullet” that I’ve found is disappointingly simple – Get started.  That’s right – start writing.

  10. I’ll Build A List When I Have More Readers

    I’ve fallen for this lie.  Thankfully, I caught the deception early and started building my email community.  Your email list is your first “asset”.  The people who sign-up are your first loyal fans. Take great care of them and they will take amazing care of you.

Now that you know these lies, you have to decide to not let them stop or misdirect you again. Here’s a quick suggestion to keep you moving forward: be suspicious of anything that is stopping you from writing, connecting with your audience, or promoting your blog.  It’s working for me.  It will work for you too.

Comment below and tell me about a Lie that is crippling your progress.  Go ahead talk to me and I’ll talk right back

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