5112945262 07d1594246 n 300x199 1,000 Blog Reader Challenge: How Did You Do? : Blog PromotionThe 1,000 Blog Reader Challenge has ended.

I’ve received several reports from people who achieved their goal and are enjoying more readers, comments, and even sales.  I would love to hear how you did over the last 90 days.  Go ahead and share your update in the comments.

I also realize that some folks may have fallen short of their goal.  I know this is discouraging but realize that you haven’t failed.  You are still learning and growing.  I’m confident you will hit your goal and I’m still in your corner cheering you on.

Let’s try something to give you some more ammunition…

I’m going to set-aside Wednesdays for questions and answers. If you have a question about any blog topic, add it to the comment’s section.  I will answer any questions on Wednesday.  At first these will be blog posts, soon I will be answering the questions via video.  If there aren’t any questions for the week, I’ll share something new or dive deeper on a particular topic.

If you are the shy type, then use the contact page to email me your question.

The first questions will be answered next Wednesday.

For today, tell me about your journey to 1,000 new blog readers and shoot me a question.

I can’t wait to hear from you.


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  • Mike

    So, how would I measure what has been gained over the last 90 days?

    Our traffic is up over 400% from the prior 90 days, but our returning visitor number is still pretty low.

    So, I think we significantly increased traffic, but no so much readership.

  • Melissa Agnes

    Great challenge, Stan!

    Here are my results:

    Unique visitors: 7,932
    Unique pageviews: 14,398


    • Stanford

      Wow Melissa!
      How many of these visitors did you pick up in the last 90 days?

  • Eric Wittlake

    Wow, 3 months flies by. I didn’t incorporate all of your advice, but the challenge did give me some additional focus on my content and promotion, and my frequency did increase (albeit not as much as I wanted it to). Our third son was born about a week after the challenge started, so any growth at all during this time is a success in my book!

    Going into the challenge, my blog had hit a growth spurt, nearly doubling in the prior three months, so I entered with some trepidation, was I going to measure myself from a blip peak, or could I continue growing?

    Here is how I did:
    Unique Visitors: +1,633
    Pageviews: +2,440
    (I’m using 30 days before “accepting” your challenge versus the 30 days leading into today):

    Also, pageviews per visit increased from 1.25 to 1.33 (this may actually be the achievement I’m most proud of, it shows me the content is worthwhile and I didn’t just grow through promotion).

    Thank you. The challenge was invigorating (when I REALLY needed given the sleep deprivation that comes with a newborn) and I’m very pleased with the results. I’ll look forward to continue incorporating more of your suggestions in the future.

    • Stanford

      Gr8 job Eric. I agree that the pageviews per visit is a useful for evaluating your content. Proud of you :)