Bernadette 740x400 [Podcast] Episode #16: Bernadette Jiwa   The Power Of Storytelling : Blog Promotion

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This week, we have Bernadette Jiwa on the show to talk about the power of storytelling and her new book “Difference”.

In this podcast, we discuss:
1. Why every business owner should discover and tell their story
2. Bernadette’s simple but powerful advice for turning your blog into a storytelling platform
3. How to write short posts that work.

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  • Bernadette Jiwa

    Thanks for being such a generous host Stan.

  • Ashley Cooper

    Thanks so much for an incredible podcast Stan, I had never heard of Bernadette before and am so grateful that you highlighted her amazing work! It also made me giggle when you mentioned your target demographic… as I fit perfectly! Well done, I look forward to more x