25 Ways to Get Noticed

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Are you worried that your message is getting ignored? Is it tough to stand out in your niche?

If you are struggling with getting more attention for your brand or blog then you should take a moment to answer this question:

“Why should people pay attention to me, my business, and my message?”

You have human nature working for you. We all love to find the next new thing. We spend hours every day looking for people who are unique. You just have to get on their radar screen.

When I coach people on how to get noticed, I work from a list of 25 questions. I’m sharing my list hoping that it will give you a few ways to get the attention you deserve.

Get Your Vision Noticed
We are attracted to visionaries who view the world through different eyes. Tell your audience about your vision and why they need to help you achieve it.

  1. What is your world-changing vision? Why should your audience care about you and your work?
  2. Who are you fighting for?  Your audience will work overtime to spread your message if they feel you genuinely understand and support them
  3. Who is your enemy? People pay attention to contrasts. Your audience needs to know who they support and who they are against
  4. What is your BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal): What is the crazy goal that catches attention and motivates your audience to do more? For example, I want to eliminate unemployment by helping small businesses survive their first 2 years. Crazy? Yes. Memorable? You bet.
  5. Who is your role model? Use your role model to force yourself to get bigger, better, and faster. Beyonce’s role model is Madonna and she used her to inspire her to take chances and achieve big goals.

Create a Memorable Personal Brand
Help your audience notice and talk about you by giving them something distinctive to remember. Here are some ideas:

  1. Why is your story unique? Your life is like a snowflake. No one else has a story like yours. Look for the story details that express your individuality and unique experience.
  2. What challenges have you conquered? Your audience wants to hear about your challenges and obstacles. Most of all, they want to know how you conquered them.
  3. What visual cue (quirks) sets you apart? Do you have a favorite color? Wear it. Do you like Converse? Put them on during your next speech.
  4. What is your personal tagline? What would you say, If you had 5 seconds to describe yourself? My tagline is “Passionate Business Coach Searching For Unique Stories.” How about you?
  5. Where can your fans go to learn more about you? Where do you hang out online? If appropriate, invite your audience to learn more about your personal life on a personal Tumblr, Instagram, Flickr, or Facebook page.
  6. Create and protect your image. Whatever you choose, own it.

Deliver Your Message In A Unique Way
Turn your message into an unforgettable experience. Look for ways to take the mundane and turn them into something that shocks, informs, and/or excites the senses

  1. What is your “Approach?” What mental tools do you use to solve problems?
  2. What makes your message delivery unique? Are you a storyteller, keynote prodigy, teacher, firebrand persuader?
  3. What makes your message controversial? You can’t get noticed in the middle of the pack. Simply singing the same tune and echoing the same perspective won’t get the job done. Don’t make the mistake of believing that being provocative means being a jackass. You can disagree and gain attention without ruining your reputation.
  4. What is your proof? Who can vouch for your expertise? People pay attention to results.
  5. Make a promise: Tell people what they will get from investing time or money in you.

Form Attention Grabbing Habits:
We are all entertainers. Memorable people consistently do things that keeps them top of mind with their audience. Try these ideas:

  1. Ship: People who can follow-through and finish projects produce more and increase their chance of getting noticed
  2. Support Up and Comers: Selfless people get noticed. The people they’ve helped make sure of that.
  3. Mastery: Get so good they can’t ignore you – Steve Martin. Invest daily in getting creating and refining rare and valuable skills.
  4. Grind It Out: Consistently do the fundamentals that get you noticed in your niche. This means constantly feeding your audience new content, speaking, writing, guest posting. Focus on production and the attention will follow.
  5. Simplify: Focus your life and expand your impact by saying “no” to things that don’t push your agenda forward. The goal is to have a small list of priorities rather than a laundry list of tasks.

Build a Attention Building Platform
Your blog or website is your online platform, the stage where you share your vision, message, and personal story with your audience. Resolve to do whatever it takes to create a show-stopping platform.

  1. Get Creative: Look for ways to make your blog and other content different. Distinctive titles, taglines, colors, and layouts are great
  2. Diversify: Broaden the reach of your message and speak to new audiences with a podcast, vlog, or YouTube Channel.
  3. Consistency: Pick a visual look and feel and stick with it across all platforms. Your audience should know your content at a glance.
  4. Go Big: Look for ways to push the envelope in your niche. Look for the gaps that other content providers are missing.
  5. Do More Than What’s Expected It’s rare to see people going the extra mile and overdelivering. Giving outstanding service, information, or attention will separate your from the pack.

About Stan

Stan Smith is the Managing Director of Pushing Social a content marketing consultancy for aggressive, results-focused organizations.

11 thoughts on “25 Ways to Get Noticed

  1. joyce

    Yes, sorry my mistake- what I meant to put emphasis on was the use of the word enemy. I think this description is a bit strong in this context.
    Thanks for replying!

  2. Stanford Smith

    i agree Joyce. #3 doesn’t use the word hate nor did I imply it. This isn’t a metaphysical suggestion, just a simple point – state what you are for and against. This can be done in a way that doesn’t need to even come close to hate.

  3. joyce

    I really like most of the things you have mentioned, but I don’t agree with number three. I don’t think you should necessarily create hate on social media platforms, it just makes you look back. Nothing against a little contrast to stand out, but your point sounds a little harsh.

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  5. Franchise Marketing Group

    This is a great list of questions to ask yourself or your business to help push you to the next level. We all want to get to the next level and any help along the way is a good thing.

  6. Luke Guy

    I like the defining who your foes are. That clicked something inside of me. I can tell Stan was a Marvel fan for sure!

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  11. Lindsay Hopkins

    I’ve been reading your emails (and other coaches) for a while, but this one has inspired me to to start the New Year with a bang. I will address each of your questions, download the report and hang on your every word – I know you can help me achieve my goals for 2014

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