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3 “Quality Content” Shenanigans that Drive Bloggers Nuts

It’s time to write another post and things aren’t going well.

You’re struggling to create “Quality Content” and coming up empty. The blank page has wrapped its tentacles of failed expectations around your throat and threatens to choke off your oxygen.  You write a sentence. Stop. Backspace. Start again.  Still nothing.

You hear the blogging gods chanting the quality content mantra and realize that you are still unworthy.  Once again you berate yourself for being in this position.  Once again you ask the question – What the Hell is Great Content?

To be sure, this topic has been blogged to death. However, in spite of the liberal amount of pixels shed on this question, bloggers still wrestle with it.


For one, I think the vague bar for so-called quality content has been set too high.

Here are three of the most annoying myths that are holding bloggers hostage.  Free yourself and you’ll unleash your creativity.  I promise.

Let’s do this.

Shenanigan #1: The Thought Leader Myth

Are you staring at that blank screen trying to come up with your niche’s equivalent of the Theory of Relativity?  That’s exactly what the talking heads are telling you to do.  The refrain says that Quality Content = Thought Leadership.  Not so.

First, this is an unfair and unpractical expectation.  E=MC2 moments come after years of thought and ultra-refined expertise.  Strive for thought leadership but you don’t have to write a treatise everyday.

Instead, go for informative and thought-provoking.  This focus is easier, sustainable and much more relevant.

Shenanigan #2: The Genius Writer Illusion

Head on over to the top blogs and read their top 10 popular posts.  I am going to go out on a limb here and say that the posts weren’t revolutionary.  But they were well constructed stories, arguments, and points-of-view.  The key word in that last sentence is well-constructed.

You’ve got a quality post – If you have a excellent premise, can write a interesting lead, can marshal your evidence, and end with a thought-provoking bang. It’s really that simple.

Shenanigan #3: Post Length Debates

Some swear that short posts are inspired.  Others, insist that 1000+ word epics are hallmarks of serious thinkers.  I suspect that the truth is somewhere in between (as usual).

I prefer to rely on one of the best thinkers in western civilization – Goldilocks.  Sample each bowl, chair, and bed and find what’s best for you.  There’s nothing morally or ethically at stake.  Just write your post and stop after you’ve made your point.  Don’t jot one tittle more and don’t pull up short.

The only unpardonable sin is not writing anything at all.

Caveats and Other Nonsense

Posts like this one brings out the fangs.  Some feel that their method or perspective is worth fighting for.  So, hear me. This post isn’t for you.  It’s meant for those of us who have great things to say but are paralyzed by the  “debate”.

By the way, what do YOU think?  Have these myths been sapping your confidence?  Talk to me and I’ll talk right back! 😉

{Image Credit: reynolds.james.e}

About Stan

Stan Smith is the CEO of Pushing Social a content marketing consultancy for aggressive, results-focused organizations.

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