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5 Great Marketing Articles to Read on a Lazy Summer Sunday

Summer is officially here.  So I will be doing much of my brainstorming while fishing for largemouth bass.  By the way, if you are fishing for sales, leads, and readers then here’s some “lures” to consider.

5 Articles That Caught My Attention (pun intended)

The World’s Best Self-Promoter on How to Be The World’s Best Self-Promoter

Joel Stein wrote, “Man Made: A Stupid Quest for Masculinity” and promoted the living daylights out it.  He did so well that he’s become a book promotion guru.  Check out his unorthodox tips.

Facebook’s Business Model

Now you can own a piece of Facebook.  The question is; do you really want to?  Chris Dixon offers a fascinating primer on Facebook’s business model.  After reading it, I decided to pass.

Your Blog is the Engine of Community

Scott Hanselman is my hero.  In this post he argues for the primacy of the blog.  In his words

“I would encourage you all to blog more. Tweet less. Blogs are owned by you. They are easily found, easily linked to, and great conversations happen with great blog posts. The river of social media rushes on and those conversations are long forgotten. A great blog post is forever. Today’s real-time social media is quickly forgotten.”  Amen.

Google Analytics Social Reports Provide Huge Metrics Edge

I didn’t get excited about Google Analytic’s Social Report feature until I read this post.  It’s ninja stuff that you should use immediately.

How to Promote Your Blog with Social Media

I love Social Media Examiner’s blue-collar, always-consistent, always helpful, approach to social media.  They didn’t disappoint with this basic and extremely relevant guide to blog promotion.

On Pushing Social This Week

Four Incredibly Useful Metrics for Small Business Blogging

How to Get Better Results with Your List Posts

Six Sinister Blog Time Wasters

PS Reader Spotlight

Every week I highlight a PS Reader who has asked me to review their blog.  This is a shout out to them and a gentle nudge for you to check them out.  :)

This week the spotlight is on Angela May Angela’s energy reminds me of Danielle LaPorte and Marie Forleo. Right now she is working hard to build a blog platform to support her business.  I look forward to seeing how her story evolves.

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