5 Steps to Take BEFORE You Publish Your Post

Don’t skip these, they’ve worked time and again for me and they will for you too.

Here they are:

Step #1: Proofread

I know this is obvious, but it’s frightening how many times I skip this step only to regret it later.  Here are some quick proofreading techniques that work for me:

  • Read your post out loud
  • Check for spelling mistakes by reading your post backward word-for-word
  • Give your post to someone else to read
  • If you have the cash – hire a professional proofreader.  You can get a decent one on Elance for just $5/post.

Step #2: Rewrite Your Title

Your title is the #1 factor for launching your post into the stratosphere.  Nail the title and you are on your way.  It pays to spend an extra 15-20 minutes brainstorming alternate titles for your post.

Here are some great posts that will help you write some killer headlines:

Step #3: Make Your Title Twitter Friendly

Twitter is a powerful post promotion tool that MUST be in your toolbox.  One quick hint, I learned the hard-way; try to keep your titles to 100 – 120 characters.  This gives people room to retweet your post and add a comment.  The easier it is to retweet, the more your post will spread.

Step #4: Finish Strong

Do you start off strong and then lose a little steam towards the end of the post?  If so try starting with your ending.  Your conclusion is where you get readers to engage with you through comments, retweets, or buying your product/service. After you’ve nailed the ending, take a break and complete the lead and the rest of the post.  This is a great way to insure consistency throughout your entire post.

Step #5: Take Care of Your SEO Chores

It’s always a good idea to enter a meta-description, select keyword rich tags.  Your options will vary based on your blogging platform – but if you are using Studiopress’ Genesis, you’ll have some great options for optimizing your post for the search engines.

Turn these steps into your publishing ritual.  This way you’ll be sure that you’re consistently doing all you can to guarantee your Spectacular Post’s Success.