5 Terrific Things Your Business Should Be Blogging About

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I believe that we are all living out a story.  You play the hero.  You have villains, allies and mentors.  You face and overcome tragedy.  You triumph and sometimes fall short.  The poets among us have called this the “human condition”

I feel that marketing is about connecting the vision of a business with each person’s story and businesses succeed when they have won a role in that story.

I love blogging because it is the purest way for a business to audition for a role in their customer’s story.  Taking the metaphor a bit further I figure that the business blog needs to “nail” 5 lines to win the part of “friend.”

Here they are:

#1 Being Vulnerable:  Vulnerable businesses are captivating.  It’s nice to see Apple screw up every once in a while.  It’s compelling when a consultant says “I was wrong.  Let’s try another way.”  Every once in a while, share your businesses bloopers reel.

#2 Being Sentimental:  Every business has a sappy side that celebrates little things that mean a great deal.  I once worked for an agency that burned to the ground.  It’s employees watched it burn from the parking lot.

The next day, employees met in houses and coffee shops determined to not miss a single deadline.  The day the newly rebuilt agency opened its doors, the employees received a sweatshirt with a match on the front.  I still have that sweatshirt 14 years later.

Being sentimental isn’t weak.  Its special and you should blog about it.

#3 Being Heroic:  Sometimes it’s difficult to dream big.   Our institutions have done a great job of training heroism out of us.  Every once in a while a business does something heroic.  Most likely someone in the business decides to dream big and pull the rest of their colleagues along.  These times are special.

When was your businesses heroic moment?  Tell your customers about it.

#4 Being Selfless: When was the last time your business did something truly selfless?  Google pays the spouses of employees who’ve died up to half their salary for ten years and their children get $1,000 a month until they are 19.  Amazing.  Now I want to hear more about Google.

Your small business or large business probably does amazing selfless acts like this too.  Your readers should hear about them.  It makes them proud to do business with you.

#5 Being  Foolish:  Some things don’t make any sense.

I’m not sure why Google wants to build driverless cars.  I wish I understood why Jeff Bezoes is committed to mining asteroids.  Why in the heck does Richard Branson own Virgin Galactic?  None of these things make sense.  They seem foolish.  But they do remind me that real people with crazy dreams run these businesses and I want to hear more.  How about you?

There isn’t a Formula For You to Copy

You know I’m incredibly practical about blogging.  I’m sure you were looking for a nice template to follow.  Sorry.

The only nugget of wisdom I can give you is this…

Pay attention to the drama playing out in your readers’ lives.  Look for the drama playing out in your own business.  Find ways to connect the two.

About Stan

Stan Smith is the Managing Director of Pushing Social a content marketing consultancy for aggressive, results-focused organizations.

11 thoughts on “5 Terrific Things Your Business Should Be Blogging About

  1. Stephen

    Stanford, great list of ways to mix things up and step away from the table of “all things formal” in marketing and communication. Looking forward to incorporating a couple of these.

  2. Derek Fischer

    Your company blog is an excellent opportunity to show your customers how engaged you are with them and their interests. Telling your business’ story as it unfolds on your blog not only shows people how you do engage but also makes them a part of your evolving story. This is the crux of what internet marketing is all about and how it has changed advertising generally. Thanks for the great post.

  3. Anderson

    So true Stanford!

    I couldn’t agree more to these wonderful tips for writers. We need to follow all of them to really churn out valuable content.

    Thanks for sharing. :)

  4. Georgina El Morshdy

    Hi Stan. What a thought provoking post. I loved this part:

    “I feel that marketing is about connecting the vision of a business with each person’s story and businesses succeed when they have won a role in that story”.

    It’s that part about entering into the conversations that are already taking place around the kitchen table so that instead of interrupting and being intrusive, your business feels relevant. This post also reminds me of the importance of being a little braver in your posting and allowing a bit more of your personality to be revealed instead of hiding behind your brand. But it’s so worth it because as you point out, readers want to see the human behind the business.

    Great stuff :-)

  5. Hezi

    Got my blog guide just right now, thanks for this. I can’t help but smile with the points you mentioned “be foolish”…and yes, I agree that oftentimes we don’t make any sense and that poimt we are making fools to ourselves or to others I think.

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