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7 Must Have Genesis WordPress Theme Plugins

Are you using a Studiopress Genesis theme for your blog?

Did you know that there are dozens of plugins designed to add more functionality and design options to your theme?

Genesis themes are ready to go right out of the box.

But, eventually you will want your theme to do something that isn’t included in the themes’ core features.  That’s where specialty 3rd-party Genesis plugins come in.  I’ve tested every Genesis plugin on Pushing Social and I’ve created a shortlist of my favorite.

Take a look below and see if any of these plugins would be a good addition to your blogging toolkit.

Genesis eNews Extended

Adding an opt-in form to your sidebar has always been a pain in the butt.  The email providers will give you the code but it almost always looks horrible once you shoe-horn it into your blog sidebar.  Many blogs have vestiges of poorly integrated opt-in forms defacing their homepage.

Thankfully the Genesis eNews Extended plugin helps Genesis theme users avoid this tragedy

The plugin easily integrates with your email service provider (i.e. MailChimp, Aweber, Infusionsoft, etc) and displays a simple but professional sidebar form.  Problem solved.

Get it here

Genesis Extender

Screen Shot 2014 05 07 at 3.46.54 PM 7 Must Have Genesis WordPress Theme Plugins : Blog Promotion

This plugin has become my swiss army knife for making almost any customization I can imagine to Genesis child themes.

This plugin is an advanced utility that allows you to peek under the hood of Genesis and make changes to the design and function of your WordPress site.

I’ve used Genesis Extender to:

  • Create custom sidebar widgets
  • Design header graphics that only display on specific pages
  • Create specialized blog post types that have their own design and functions. Take a look at the Pushing Social Podcast page for an example.
  • I’ve even created completely custom WordPress Themes! 

As you can tell, Genesis Extender has a moderate learning curve but it’s well worth the effort to learn.

Get it here

Genesis Simple Edits

This handy plugin makes it easy to modify specific areas that are hard to edit when you first install your Genesis theme.

For example:

Post Meta: Your post meta is all the information about your blog post such as the date it was published, the author, and number of comments.  I often customize this information to add a little flair or extra information.

 7 Must Have Genesis WordPress Theme Plugins : Blog Promotion

Post Info: The post info section displays your post’s category and tags.  Most times I delete this information.

 7 Must Have Genesis WordPress Theme Plugins : Blog Promotion

Footer:  Most Genesis child themes have an “Powered by Genesis – blah blah blah” line tucked into the header.  You may want to change this to add your own info.  

Genesis Simple Edits lets you modify these areas directly saving you tons of time.

Get it here

Genesis Simple Hooks

The Simple Hooks plugin helps you insert text or graphics anywhere on your blog.  For example, do you want to place an opt-in message after your header?  Open Genesis Simple Hooks, find the correct spot, insert your text, code, or graphics, and save.  That’s it.

This plugin uses WordPress hooks to correctly place your content.  I recommend you get familiar with Hooks before you install and start using this plugin.  Genesis has a great introduction to Hooks here.

Get it here

Genesis Title Toggle

I‘m never happy with how title‘s are displayed on blog pages. Use this plugin to turn-off the title display so you can add your own title styled the way you want.

Get it here

Genesis Subtitles

I love subtitles.  Subtitles gives you an opportunity to add an extra line of text under your headline that can add more detail and entice visitors to stay and finish reading.

But I haven‘t used them because I didn’t have an easy and consistent way to add them with my Genesis theme until I found the Genesis Subtitles plugin.

Genesis subtitles solves the problem. It creates another area in your post editing area where you can insert a subtitle.

The only drawback is that this plugin only works with HTML5 enabled Genesis child themes, usually the ones categorized as “PRO” by Studiopress.

Get it here

Feed My Plugin Obsession

Do you have a favorite Genesis Plugin that I didn’t list?  Add it below or on Google+.

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