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7 Reasons Why Readers Aren’t Taking You Seriously

Every reader is precious because it takes a herculean effort to grab their attention and woo them to your blog.  But…

  • Are readers leaving your blog within seconds of getting there?
  • Are you getting thousands of readers but little if any subscribers, leads or sales?
  • Are you wondering why your most loyal readers aren’t willing to hire you or buy your products?

This situation is directly linked to  a credibility and authority problem.  Let’s take a look at 7 top reasons why your readers are reading your blog but taking their business elsewhere:

Reason #1. Rambling

Time is precious.

Your readers want to read, evaluate, and apply your post’s information as efficiently as possible. They value concise and well-structured posts that stick out in their mind. I recommend creating and using an outline for every post before you start writing. The outline will keep you on point and prevent you from hop-scotching from topic to topic.

Reason #2. Grade School Design

Think of your blog as the storefront and foyer for your brand.

Readers will walk through this foyer to get to the content you offer on your blog or via your product. You want to make this experience as consistent as possible.

A poorly designed blog shouts neglect and faux-finish quality. I’ve seen the popularity of Pushing Social increase as I’ve upgraded its design and functionality. You’ll see the same.

By the way, there’s no excuse for Mickey Mouse design. You can purchase incredible looking templates that look great with a few tweaks. You can even get an entire media-ready WordPress site that handles everything from podcasting to membership sites through a managed solution like Rainmaker. Invest in these solutions. Investing now prevents head-slap mistakes in the future.

Reason #3. Lack of Authority

You have two content development options: Create or Curate.

Both options require deep expertise in your subject. Creating original content is the best way to position yourself as an authority in your niche. Regularly publishing new insights and information allows you to demonstrate your expertise and increase your value.

Curating content involves creating a carefully scrutinized short-list of information tailor made for your audience’s needs. Curation requires diligence and highly developed sense of what is “right” thing to display.

Regardless of what you choose, you will need to methodically educate your readers on your unique point of view. You accomplish this by delivering unique viewpoints, processes, methodologies, and information that demonstrates your expertise. Information-based posts do this extremely well.

Opinion and “rants” are fun to write but rarely establish sustainable authority.

Reason #4. Inconsistency

Was your last post published 3 months ago?

Did you last tweet a month ago?

Do you kick out a flurry of posts and then fall off the face of the earth for a quarter?

This inconsistency is maddening to your readers. They want to depend on you but inconsistent publishing or content quality causes them to doubt your seriousness.

You establish consistency by setting priorities. tweet

Block off time in your weekly calendar for content creation. Put these blocks of time in first and schedule everything else around it.

Get a coach who will hold you accountable and give you techniques for staying on track with your publishing schedule.

Banish “apologies” from your vocabulary. I believe that “I’m sorry” has become too trite and easy an excuse for people. Don’t apologize to your readers, just do your darn job and publish. It really is that simple.

Reason #5. Me-Too!

Your credibility will suffer if you are just another topic chaser. Simply reiterating the news of the day is redundant. Seek to add value to popular topics by:

  1. Explaining why the topic is important to your reader. Focus on insights that demonstrate the emotional benefit for the reader.

  2. Explain the evidence, rationale, or methodology underpinning the topic. Many of your readers will want to understand the scientific or logical basis for a new technique or perspective, you will add value by finding the rationale and explaining it to them.

  3. Show how to practically apply a new insight to the reader’s situation. Most news is general, you will add value by breaking down a new technique and applying it to your reader’s specific situation.

Reason #6. Undervalued

This sentence will destroy the profitability and credibility of your business:

“We’ll figure this out together”

This sounds wonderful. It has an esprit-de-corps that gives everyone warm fuzzies. In fact, it’s one of the Unicorn Unions favorite talking points. But this is a lethal pill because your future client want someone who has already figured it out. They are not looking for a pal. They are looking for an expert.

Reason #7. Irrelevant

“Stick to your knitting” is one of my favorite sayings. Pick a topic and work the hell out of it is another way of saying the same thing. Deep expertise in a single area is incredibly profitable. Being all things to all people is exhausting and difficult to pull off for all but the largest brands. Instead, become the authority by being hyper-relevant to specific readers. For example:

The Good News Is…

Most of the mistakes I mentioned are easily corrected.

The hard part is being honest about the mistakes in the first place and taking decisive action to fix them!  So, select the most glaring problem and fix it – today.

Make the change yourself or get help.  Make sense?

About Stan

Stan Smith is the CEO of Pushing Social a content marketing consultancy for aggressive, results-focused organizations.

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