About Stan Smith


We solve brand awareness and lead generation challenges with social media and content marketing strategies.

As a boutique agency we are able to focus our team on your company and provide customized strategies suited for your industry, culture, and unique advantages.

Stan Smith, our founder and Managing Director has built successful and award winning social media, content marketing, search engine optimization, and email marketing strategies for:

  • Michigan Economic Development Corporation – Pure Michigan
  • Brinks
  • Cartus
  • Ford Motor Company
  • Hyundai Motor Company
  • Mazda
  • The Detroit Metro Convention and Visitors Bureau
  • The Association for Advancing Automation
  • The National Realtor Association
  • The Retirement Guys
  • Zig Ziglar

and a diverse variety of non-profits, solopreneurs, aggressive-growth startups, and personal brands.

About Stan

I’m Stan . I spent a summer in a delicatessen fishing pickles out of barrels while being harassed by a boss who called me Stanley.  So don’t call me Stanley.

By the way.  I totally dig Stan Smith Adidas.  Unfortunately they aren’t paying me to be a spokesman!

I’m a simple guy with simple tastes.  I love to fish, still enjoy hotdogs and can cook a mean cup of Raman noodles.

During the summer I fish for monster largemouth bass in any body of water deeper than 3 feet.  I’m obsessed with fishing and so are my 3 boys.

What I Do

I make my living as a business growth strategist.  I’m particularly interested in using social tools to achieve a competitive advantage.  During my career I’ve worked for Ford, Alltel, Mazda, The State of Michigan, Quiznos, and many other stellar organizations.

Right now, I am the Founder and Managing Director of Pushing Social. Pushing Social started as a “hobby blog” grew into a social media strategy journal and finally a scrappy, practical, and effective consultancy.


I believe that social media and content marketing are revolutionary tools.

I’m stunned by how quickly one voice can be amplified into a torrent of action.  All you need to do is act.  If you have something important to say or do, then a well planned and executed content strategy can elevate your podium above the crowd.

In fact, blogs and other social tools are perhaps the most democratizing and empowering technology leap since the printing press.

Pushing Social exists to help people like you harness their personal and business power and voice to change their world.

What You’ll Find Here

I will only deliver information that is relentlessly optimistic.  I believe in you and I will not let you do less than your very best.

My hope is that you’ll finish every post with the drive to work, believe, and try harder.


Born to Blog: Building your blog for Personal and Business Success One Post a Time co-authored with Mark Schaefer. The book was published in 2013 by McGraw Hill. Born to Blog, according to WorldCat is held in 91 libraries.

Book Contributions

Return on Influence: The Revolutionary Power of Klout, social scoring and influence marketing was published by McGraw Hill in 2013. Smith contributed Chapter 6 – “Personal Influence: The Marketer’s Holy Grail which describes the historical origins of word-of-mouth marketing and it’s evolution as a marketing strategy to the present day.

Strategic Digital Marketing: Top Digital Experts Share the Formula for Tangible Returns on Your Marketing Investment published by McGraw Hill in 2013. Smith contributed Chapter 7 title Social Media Marketing where he establishes a framework for developing, implementing, and evaluating a comprehensive social media strategy.


Pushing Social was named as a “Top 10 Social Media Blog” for 2012 and 2013