Are You Making These 7 Blog Promotion Mistakes?

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7 Blog Promotion MistakesYour first 1,000 visitors will be the toughest to attract.  While some bloggers have zoomed to popularity in a few months, the majority have to work hard to promote their blog.   By now you know that there aren’t any silver bullets.  I also know that you are committed to your blog’s success and willing to invest what it takes.

That’s why you should take a moment to make sure that you aren’t making a few easily avoided blog promotion mistakes.

1.  Not Promoting:  If you build it they will NOT come. Simply posting and hoping is a poor strategy.  Blogs require consistent and aggressive promotion to get noticed.  Timidly promoting your posts with a single tweet is a recipe for obscurity.  Imagine that your reader has 10 blogs on their reading list.  What are you prepared to do to get on that list?

Never be afraid to promote relevant and useful information.  Your readers will appreciate you taking the time to bring it to their attention.  Do what’s right for your readers and ignore etiquette and rules of thumb created by professional pundits.

2.  Promoting to the wrong audience:  It’s easy to fall into the rut of promoting your blog to your peers rather than customers.  Avoid this mistake by making a list of the problems that your customers wrestle with everyday.  Uncover where they go online to get answers to those problems.  Look for opportunities to guest post and/or partner with those sites.

Quick tip:  Frequent blogs and websites that are popular with your audience. Using your industry’s trade magazine as a source for blogging ideas will lead you to write rehashed content that only interests fellow insiders.  For example, I rarely read Mashable because the site isn’t a go-to site for my readers. Instead, I spend time on productivity, time management, and start-up advice sites like Fast Company and Lifehacker.

3.  Not researching keywords:  Search engines are the easiest way to attract targeted readers to your blog.  Successful bloggers compile a list of keywords that their readers use to research a particular subject.  This keyword list is used to plan blog posts, special reports, and product offerings.

SEO is a scary subject for many but mastering it is sure-fire way to build your blog traffic quickly.

4.  Not building your email list with attractive offers:  On Pushing Social we  constantly teach that email marketing is critical for building a successful blog.  Frankly, I believe that you should spend half of your blog promotion time building your blog email list.  You can get started now by creating an expert product and using it to entice email subscribers.

5.  Waiting to guest post.  Early on I received a great piece of advice from a prominent blogger.  He advised me to write two guest posts for every post that I published on my blog.  It worked.  My guest posts attracted thousands of visitors who retweeted and mentioned my posts on their blogs which brought even more readers.

The key is to create a guest posting habit as early as you can.  Think of your guest posts as blog salespeople who are constantly bringing new readers to your doorstep.

6.  Promoting Too Early: Prepare for success by stocking your blog with at least 4-5 high-quality posts.  Readers who like your comment will want to read your other material.  Make sure that you have enough content to keep them engaged.  Promoting too early with one post could give early readers the impression that your blog isn’t ready for prime time

7.  Not Blogging Enough:  Blogging once a month will not grow your blog. Blog success comes from writing posts that get shared and attract attention.  A person that posts 4x a month increases their chances of getting good search rankings and getting mentioned by influencers with large audiences.  I recommend posting as frequently as you can while maintaining quality and relevance.

How Did You Do?

Do you have another blog promotion mistake  to add to the list?  Go ahead and let me know in the comments below.


About Stan

Stan Smith is the Managing Director of Pushing Social a content marketing consultancy for aggressive, results-focused organizations.

16 thoughts on “Are You Making These 7 Blog Promotion Mistakes?

  1. szeos

    thank for information maybe when im started making blog it will be helpfull but anuway im not think making blog is good idea , everyone making blogs ^^ is big trouble xd

  2. Learnfromnet

    Nice Post… Clearly state the importance of posting quality content frequently and the mistake we have to avoid during blog promotion. Thanks…!

  3. Valerie Deveza

    Nice post. There’s always a room for improvement. And for newbie bloggers, even not-so-new ones, you just shared wonderful tips to keep their blog sites more popular and relevant.

  4. Chris Rowbury

    It’s the guest posting bit where I fall down. I have what I consider to be a niche blog which is fairly unique, so … I have trouble finding suitable blogs to offer a guest post to. But I guess my uniqueness is a selling point which I should try to promote!

  5. Cheryl Norman

    This is exactly the message I needed to read. After taking time away from all my work to recover from a serious illness, I’m now playing catch up and strugglinng to reclaim and gain my audience. Your post helps me focus. Thank you!

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  7. Paul

    Thank you both its great to have those readers and I really appreciate their time its not bad for a 4 month old blog, I dont guest post enough time and all but I will try to improv.


  8. Georgina @GemWriting

    Great advice as always Stan. My takeaways – hang out on other blogs where my readers go and up the number of guest posts. That’s an interesting ratio of 2:1.

    Another tactic I use is to tweet a link to specific people who I follow and who I think will gain value from the blog. I’ve noticed that stuff easily gets missed in a timeline therefore it can be more effective to approach specific people in this way.

  9. Stanford Post author

    Thanks for the comment Katie. I wish I could post 8x a day. Thankfully that’s only required if you are a news aggregator. 4-5 posts a week has worked well for me.

  10. Ryan Hanley


    I cannot agree more with the Guest Posting. I did wait to start guest posting… But it is by far the biggest addition to my traffic over the past 6-months and I’m only doing 1-2 guest posts a month… Think if I was doing 4-5… You’re building relationships with new communities.

    It’s a no-brainer.

    Thanks for a great article!!

    Ryan H.

  11. Katie McAleece

    Another helpful post!

    For me, what stands out here is the ‘Not Blogging Enough’ point you made. I know that I go through a list of sites (like this one) that I support on a three-times-a-week basis to read the latest & share feedback, and nothing is more lousy than when the writer is never posting anything fresh! It makes me want to stop going back to their website- it feels like a waste of time. Discouraging.

    That being said, I think it would be better to post eight new blogs a day, every day of the week, than only once a month. You’re just going to bore the readers that way, and they’ll bail on you.

    Thanks, always, for sharing this!

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  13. Paul Barstow

    Hi Stanford

    Useful tips still doing your blogging 1000 challenge (smashed it) thanks for the great advice I use Triberr to promote my blog, been using it for the last couple of months, generating great traffic and learning a lot, I would recommend it anyone. Do you use Triberr?

    With reference to the 1000 challenge if I remember it started on the 12th March Traffic to date –

    12th March to 11th April – 1023 visits 608 uniques
    12th April – 11th May – 1981 visits 1519 uniques
    12th May to now – 2170 visits 1795 uniques

    Great Idea really helped motivate me.

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