Blog Mastery #17: Do You Have A Sense of Urgency?

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Are you attacking your blogging strategy, writing, promotion, and business with a sense of urgency?

During my time in the corporate trenches, I often worked for bosses who stressed a sense of urgency. They wanted tomorrow’s activities completed today. They believed that thinking was a fancy way to procrastinate. Everything was finished too late to be useful.

I hated these guys.

Here’s the deal though…

99% of the urgency crowd are right. The other 1% are idiots who confuse speed with strategy but that’s another post.

Over the last few weeks I have talked to dozens of readers working to improve their blogs. I’ve noticed a difference between the folks seeing success and those who are struggling.

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The difference is a sense of urgency.

It’s an urgency born of impatience and passion. The successful bloggers eagerly pursue an aggressive editorial calendar. They feel like every moment is an opportunity that can be taken or wasted.

Mona Andrei is an excellent example of what I call “Urgent Bloggers”. In our discussion, I recommended that she write an ebook. She already had a topic in mind but she was stuck in the research phase. I told her to just write the darn thing.

I told her that she was squandering her opportunity by waiting for the perfect time to write. Upping the ante, I challenged her to deliver her finished book within one week. If she did, I told her I would mention it here on Pushing Social. She embraced the challenge and delivered her book and a guest post within one week (actually she was a day early). Now she is on her way to writing her second book…

Acting now means you learn quicker. You see success sooner. You create profitable relationships faster and most of all you generate momentum.

The flip side to “urgency” is timidity. Dragging your feet isn’t smart or good business. Yes, carefully consider your actions. Just set a deadline on your deliberations. Tell yourself that you’ll figure out your editorial calendar in two days rather than five. Decide that you’ll pull the trigger now on a service you need rather than “reasearching” if for another month.

Time to get moving. See if you can beat Mona’s ebook in a week feat. Make sure you tell me about it so I can cheer you on.

About Stan

Stan Smith is the Managing Director of Pushing Social a content marketing consultancy for aggressive, results-focused organizations.

3 thoughts on “Blog Mastery #17: Do You Have A Sense of Urgency?

  1. Teresa

    Mission accomplished! Book is done and up & running. I actually wrote it in about 4 days. What is taking me the longest is the technology end. I’ve never put up a product for sale before on my site, so this is a little bit of a learning curve. The good news? The next product will be much easier! Rock & Roll!

  2. Mona Andrei

    Great post, Stan! I was just thinking about how grateful I am of our 30 minute chat and how you made me see that there’s no time like NOW to focus on what I knew I wanted to accomplish anyway. That chat really set me on course. And the bonus? The snowball effect! Since taking action I’ve seen a real increase in traffic to my blog.

    And Teresa, I’m looking forward to your meeting the challenge :-)

  3. Teresa

    Okay, I am ready to take the challenge. No more excuses. No more pity parties. It’s time to write my first ebook. I do feel the sense of urgency and the time is NOW. In 1 week from now, I plan to have my first ebook done and ready to put up for sale on my website. It sounds crazy to me, but I’m ready to see just what I’m made of.

    Thanks Stan as always for your great tips, wisdom, and encouragement. Congratulations Mona on your first ebook! Celebrating with you!

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