Blog Mastery: Weekend Assignment #3

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Last weekend you created a list of ten questions that readers have about your subject.  If you haven’t go ahead and do that now.  Visit this post and review the Getting Post Ideas section for some easy ways to research reader questions.

Now, for each of the ten questions, I want you to brainstorm post titles that answer each of these questions:

  1. Why solving the problem is important (i.e. saves time, saves money, makes money, live longer, be happier)
  2. What are the options for solving the problem (i.e. Hire a contractor, do it yourself, etc.)?
  3. How to solve the problem using your product, service, or approach.
  4. A clever, quick, or simple way to diagnose the problem and/or understand how to solve it. (i.e. checklists, scored surveys, list of observations)
  5. Case study describing how someone diagnosed their problem and solved it using a product, approach, or service similar to yours.  You can use a real customer or 3rd party example.

Each question should have a post headline.  When you are finished, you will have 50 post titles that are laser-focused on your reader’s potential problems.

Now, my friend, you are off to the races. Can you do this?

Quick Tip:

I’m a big fan of promoting your blog posts on Twitter.

The challenge is getting your Twitter update seen.  Most people’s Twitter stream is updating so fast that it’s difficult for one post to stand out.  I figured that my posts were getting buried in this flood of information.

So, I tested attaching a photo to my blog promotion tweet.  I simply attached the photo I used in the blog post.  Almost immediately the volume of retweets picked up getting almost 30 retweets in an hour.  I believe the picture helped turn a routine tweet into something worth checking out.

What do you think?

Training and Resources:

Last week, I hosted a webinar with the good folks at  I had a terrific time talking about Savvy Business Blogging in 7 Easy Steps.  You can view the slideshow from the webinar below.  You can listen to the actual webinar by registering (for free) at

You can also get the special Blog Review Plus service I offered too!

I’m available to host a webinar for your audience too!  Just give me shout here.

Enjoy your weekend!


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Stan Smith is the Managing Director of Pushing Social a content marketing consultancy for aggressive, results-focused organizations.

5 thoughts on “Blog Mastery: Weekend Assignment #3

  1. Leah

    Slapping myself on the forehead with a big, “Duh! Why didn’t I think of that?” I’m already creating awesome pics for my blog to drive pinterest traffic…I need to pop those into twitter too! I just started my blog and want it to be a content and graphically interesting experience. Mind popping over to and telling me what you think? (too pushy? too desperate? I hope you take it as passionate. I missed your 1,000 reader challenge, but am going through past posts and will put myself through the paces. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. I love the Internet Age for that.

  2. Marilyn Arriaga

    I really like the idea of adding a picture to twitter posts. Now I’ll have to learn how to do that.

    I have many topics, I know what I want to share for them for the most lady. Now it’s just getting them out of my head and into a post. I really like the questions you posted, it’s one thing to know what you want to say but having these questions brings each idea into clarity and not a huge cluttered post. I have learned that breaking an idea down into smaller manageable chuncks is better then one long post. This post really brings that into perspective. Thank you

  3. Trent Dyrsmid

    Images is really beneficial for any post. You’ve seen the results yourself.

    Your step by step assignment is making things simple especially for a new bloggers. They won’t be overwhelmed.

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