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Small business bloggers are caught in an annoying dilemma.  On one hand blogs that post quality content frequently attract up to 5x more traffic than less updated blogs.  But, small business owners don’t have time to research and write more than a couple posts a month.  Something has to give.

I asked myself the question, “Do quality posts have to be long (700+ words)?”  After looking through past posts on Pushing Social, I discovered that my better posts were my shorter ones.  I also scanned through other small business blogs and noticed that the shorter posts gathered more comments and social shares.

Hmm…  Could there be a use for short, concise posts?

The Blog Short

Most people are familiar with Seth Godin’s short pithy missives that come out everyday before the rooster crows.  I’m not recommending these.   Instead, I suggest you try writing 400 – 450 word posts that bundle one powerful idea in a concise package.

Here’s the “Blog Short” template:

1. First 100 words: Explain your idea.  Only write about one idea.  You’ll see why in a moment.
2. Next 100 words: Demonstrate how your idea is relevant to your reader
3. Next 100 words: Offer advice on implementing the idea
4. Last 100 words: Recap your idea, benefits, and call-to-action.

Sticking to the template has its benefits –

Why Your Readers will Love the Blog Short

On average people can read 400 words in about 90 seconds.  As you know, time is a finite and scarce resource for most folks.  Your readers will appreciate your ability to quickly get to the point.

After 15 years listening to presentations, I know that the person that needs 30 minutes to say something is often less intelligent than the person who can elegantly get their point across in 10 minutes.

Brain researchers theorize that we have about 7 open spots in our short-term memory.  Once the spots are filled, we start dumping information to accommodate the new data.  Long posts often weave dozens of ideas into one document which means that most of these ideas get lost.  Not so with Blog Shorts, they only have one idea making them easy to understand and remember.

Blog Shorts Solve The Quality + Quantity Dilemma

One idea posts concisely explained will meet the quality bar.  Four-hundred words take about 30 minutes to write, even less with practice.  Two even three posts a week are possible with this format.

Your readers will love your new focused approach.  You’ll love the extra time you gain.  Win-Win.

(This post is 432 words just in case you were counting)


About Stan

Stan Smith is the Managing Director of Pushing Social a content marketing consultancy for aggressive, results-focused organizations.

17 thoughts on “Blog Shorts: Business Blogging The Easy Way

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  3. quality business writing

    It is even better to break complex topics into several shorter posts because it creates continuity on the blog. Most of us are now so used to reading online that we scan through long blocks of text for the main points, making a shorter post more likely to be read in its entirety.

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  5. K.Singh - Kronik Media

    Short posts can also help to maintain posting frequency. However, I think it is equally important to write a few lengthy PLR style posts at least from time to time which will act as link bait and drive traffic for many years to come.

  6. Alice Ackerman

    Stanford-I think this is great advice. When I started my blog, I was determined to keep my posts to less than 500 words. However, with complex ideas or story-telling it is sometimes hard to develop the subject matter in so few words. A couple of times I have written posts in several parts. I think that may be one option, especially if folks are having trouble with content ideas. That way one content idea can cover 2-3 posts.

    What is your opinion of that approach?

  7. Trent Dyrsmid

    Yeah I’ve done long posts and short posts and they all seem good. I guess it depends on the content really. If a long post needs to be long for the sake of spilling out everything then by all means go for it. Though short posts have advantages too.

  8. Marya | Writing Happiness

    I totally know what you mean Susan. I too have a tendency to make it too hard. Epic posts, storytelling (I prefer to keep my posts to the point and lean towards providing more educational value then entertainment). And I am a professional blogger. Go figure … :)


  9. Marya | Writing Happiness

    Hi Stanford,

    I must confess that I am all for ‘short’ blog posts. And isn’t that funny that anything under 700-800 words is considered like a short post? Wasn’t that supposed to be a standard, decent length. I am not a fan of ‘epic’ posts (people don’t shoot me for saying that). I believe too many bloggers have opted for writing mini book chapters disguised as blog posts just to strengthen their USP. They have turned it into their point of differentiation. I do enjoy scrolling through them, adding them to evernote and love sharing them and I reckon most people do the same. They are good research material but if I want to read a blog post, I’d rather read a 600 worded post than a 3000+ one. Epic ones defeat the whole purpose of reading blogs. Something that can be done ina few minutes.. Just my thoughts. :) Loved this post.


  10. Susan Daniels

    I had a break through today. I’ve really been struggling this entire year with blogging regularly. After reading this article, it affirms what I have noticed on a few highly rated blogs – that blog posts don’t have to be a ‘book’. Seconds after, I ran across an update about “story telling can be powerful” and it hit me – I’ve been making it too hard. I have good tech skills with writing but I didn’t think it was interesting enough but now that I am thinking “stories” and “less than 1000 words”, I feel so relieved. This is a good day :)

  11. Michelle Childs

    Hi Stanford,
    Yes, like many others, this a problem that I have – just don’t have time t0 post “quantity”. I’m definitely going to give this a go – shorter posts, one idea.


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