Will Noise Kill Content?

Some smart folks have been lamenting the noisy state of the content marketing industry.  

They point to the rising tide of garbage masquerading as “content”.


7 Ingredients of Great Content Your Readers Wish You Knew

The phrase great content is failing us. Those inside the circle of social mediadom have a visceral understanding of the phrase.  The rest of the world, about 5,999,999,800 people don’t have a gosh darn clue. Yet, every post tosses out the “Write great content” prescription as if it is obvious. It isn’t. And substituting “great” with “epic” and “content” with “sh*t” doesn’t help either. Great content only starts to make sense when you take an example and describe Read More


Your 31 Day Action Plan to Getting More Blog Readers

“Stan, I know what I need to do but I’m not sure where to start!” We were talking about blog marketing, the topic that gets bloggers all tied up knots. His next questions were tinged with frustration. “Do you start with SEO?” “How about creating an ebook?” “When do you need to build a Google+ page?” Have you wrestled with these questions too? Today, you’ll get some answers. I’ve created a 31-Day Blog Marketing Action Plan for you. For the next month you’ll know exactly Read More


7 Common Blog Marketing Problems And How to Fix Them. My Favorite is #5

You’ve probably noticed that I have a new eBook for you. It’s titled How to Get Your Next 10,000 Blog Readers and it’s an eBook plus “look over my shoulder” tutorial videos, and “Recipes” –  naughty little tactics that get big results. I know that the 10,000 readers claim is a big one that needs to be backed up with some serious blog marketing strategies.  The ebook delivers and I would love for you to get a copy.   The happy side-effect of writing the book is that I’ve Read More


Can You Growth Hack A Blog?

growth hack a blog

Growth Hacking is as geeky as it sounds.  It means placing priority on driving tons of traffic and converting those visitors into customers.


[Podcast] Episode #4: How To Get Consulting Clients With Your Blog

Episode #4: How To Get Consulting Clients With Your Blog I’ve learned the hard way that turning readers into clients requires a specific type of blogging approach. In this episode I’ll show you the subtle shift you need to make to turn your blog into an effective client prospecting tool.


How Transparent Should A Business Blogger Be?


I’ll make this short because there isn’t a whole lot to say here but this is a question that comes up often. A few weeks ago during an interview, I was asked if it is ok to be vulnerable and open about your weaknesses with your readers.