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Blogging Commandment 6 – Use Social Media Wisely

We’ll keep today’s post short because I’m sure you already know why wise use of social media makes sense. This commandment is violated more than all the rest, so make sure you pay attention.  By the way, if you landed here because of a social media link, you’ll appreciate the irony of my advice.  Ok, let’s get started.

I recommend an arm’s-length relationship with Social Media tools – for now at least.

Not because I dislike Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and the others, in fact I rely on them to spread Pushing Social’s message. But, I also know that social tools can entice you into being “busy” rather than being in business.

For example, I’ve watched many people build a healthy following on social networks, but can’t get anyone to actually pay for their advice or product.


I believe it comes down to a simple social truism – friends make for bad customers.

Friends will hang out, play Xbox, compliment your writing, and trade hugs and kisses via Twitter.  That’s all.  They value your input but paying for it is something else entirely. The reality is that social tools are great at forming friendships but not as good at creating customers.

This is why many new clients come to me with a laundry list of “supporters” but lack a list of customers.  This isn’t the social tool’s fault.  Mark Zuckerberg isn’t driving away your customers.  Twitter isn’t hurting your business.  The truth is that the opportunity to “engage” is preventing you from executing.

Try this:

1. What are the three reasons why people buy your products and services?
2. What is your most effective marketing strategy?
3. How long does it take for a web or blog reader to convert into a subscriber and a sale?

Even more important…

4. When is your new product or service launching?
5. Describe how your lead magnets convert “strangers” into True Fans?
6. Outline the specific steps you take to develop a customer?

Now let’s put a fine point on this…

What is essential to answering these six questions –  your tweeting schedule or content creation?  If you were forced to pick one task a day to build your business – when would you jump on the social networks?  Yep,  probably last.

You would:

  • Build products.
  • Create Offers
  • Create lead magnets (I call these Expert Products)
  • Grow your email list
  • Develop your email follow-up campaign
  • Refine your blog creative and message
  • Implement your editorial campaign
  • Enhance your marketing strength with an editorial campaign

… and then share what you’ve found, learned, and created on the social networks.  You’ll find that your audience will grow quickly filled with people genuinely interested in your services and products.

About Stan

Stan Smith is the CEO of Pushing Social a content marketing consultancy for aggressive, results-focused organizations.

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