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Blogging Tips for Coaches and Therapists

By far, the most common question I get from coaches and therapists is:
“How do you publish a blog that attracts clients without giving away free consulting?”

Coaches and therapists wrestle with this question because they need to demonstrate their expertise but leave room for an opportunity to sign a new client.  Social media purists would scoff at this notion and advocate a Give and have Faith approach.  Give away all you can and have faith that clients will materialize due to your largess.

Unfortunately, this isn’t practical.  If you have hungry mouths to feed, the Give and Have Faith approach quickly turns to Scream and Panic.

The good news is that there is way to use your blog to build your client base without “giving away the farm.”

“Pre-Sell” Posts for Coaches and Therapists

Note: I will use the term coach and therapists  interchangeably.

It’s important to remember that your future clients are looking for proof that you can get results.  For example, the career coach must prove that they have an approach for helping clients successfully transition between industries.  Their clients want to know that they will get value during their very first session.

Your blog is the stage for demonstrating value, building relationships, and getting the first call.

Each post must move your client closer to the point of decision.

Try these  “Audition” posts that convince and empower your clients to contact you:


Diagnosis posts help your clients pinpoint and articulate their challenge.  The first coach that can explain a client’s problem wins.  Use Diagnosis posts to give your clients a vocabulary for describing their problem.  This common vocabulary will create the first strand of trust needed to convince your client of sincerity and expertise.

Diagnosis posts often take the form of checklists and Yes/No flowcharts.  The goal is to offer your client an “aha” moment where they say: “Finally, someone understands what I’m feeling.”

Buying Criteria:

In high-end consultative selling, sales people work hard to frame the buying criteria for a solution.  For example, a compensation/benefits consultant wants to be the first to publish “The 7 Characteristics of a Great Compensation Consultant”.  This post sets the “buying criteria” and makes life hard for every other consultant being considered.

You want to do the same with your practice.

Help your prospective clients understand how to search for and select a therapist.  These posts work best if you are honest and comprehensive.  Don’t try to rig the list in your favor.  Client’s are suspicious of businesses that can “do it all”.  Remember that you win by simply getting your client to use your buying criteria.

The Results Appetizer:

Go to and sign-up for a webinar.  Lewis is a LinkedIn expert that has a high-powered consulting approach.  He’s a popular webinar speaker because he can get results for webinar participants immediately. While on the call, he shows how to get ranked #1 on LinkedIn and sure-as-heck it works.

Tell me, wouldn’t you want to immediately hire someone who can give you a “Results Appetizer?”  Absolutely.  This lowers the risk of the investment and helps you visualize what you’ll get. Look for an opportunity to do the same for your clients.  Contact me if you need a sounding board.

Your Approach:

It’s important to understand that you promote what you do and you get paid for “how” you do it.  Use your blog posts to thoroughly explain to what you do.

The best techniques for framing your approach are frameworks, case studies and stories.  Frameworks provide a step-by-step process to understanding your method they also prove your expertise.  Case studies are effective tools for concretely showing you have clients that benefit from your approach.  Stories make you approachable and irresistible.  Who can resist a coach that can tell an uplifting, thoughtful and relevant story?

Change of Pace

As you noticed, I’m shifting the Small Business Thursday Series to focus in on specific types of businesses.  If you would like me to feature your industry or niche then put your request in the comment section.

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