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Yesterday, I hinted at a huge project that I’m working on.  Well…

I’m writing a book. It’s coming out early next year and it will be an honest-to-goodness pick it up at Barnes & Noble book.  I’m still stunned by the thought of it.

I can’t tell you how excited about this phase of my life.  I will tell you all about the book in the next few months as the details fall into place.  But here’s a hint – the book will be about a completely new way transform your life through blogging.  The book will be the start of something extremely big and extremely cool.

I want you to come along on the ride.

Frankly, I don’t think I can write the book without you.  I need your eyes, ears, and heart.  Here’s how you can help.

I want to gather stories about people who are using their blog to power incredible changes in their lives.  I’m looking for extraordinary, courageous, and inspiring people who push back on the world and do things that matter.

For example, I met Katie Foster last week.  She blogs at Katie lost over 129 pounds in two years and has used her blog to document her journey.  She’s a terrific woman with an amazing story.  Her blog helps other people conquer their fears and transform themselves.  Katie thrills and inspires me.

I’m looking for more people like Katie

If you know someone, just point me to their blog by putting the link in the comments below.  It would also help if you can explain, in a sentence, why I should take a look.  The most fascinating stories will show up in the book.

That’s it.  Just 5 minutes of your time.

Thank you for your help.  This means a lot to me.

About Stan

Stan Smith is the Managing Director of Pushing Social a content marketing consultancy for aggressive, results-focused organizations.

17 thoughts on “Blogs that Inspire, Motivate, Teach, and Make A Difference

  1. Roger

    Hi, great idea. My good friend Tim Mushey is doing exactly what you have described with his blog where he shares his stories and tips about the world of sales and personal accomplishment.

    Tim is a great guy that happens to have a stutter and he has completely met his challenge head on, with his blog, his videos and he even joined toastmasters! Check it out, well worth it!

  2. Kasie Whitener

    Hi! My blog isn’t as selfless and amazing as the work some of those mentioned are doing. It has changed my life, though.

    It’s about our family moving to support my husband’s job and me breaking up with my old job. The blog and the work I’m doing with it has been transformative. From building community to learning to blog to sharing with others and guest posting/promoting, the journey has been awesome.

    Congrats on the book deal, Stan. I’ve really enjoyed your work so far and look forward to walking into Barnes and Noble to purchase the honest-to-goodness-pick-it-up book. Way to go!

  3. Kelly Krei

    Hi Stanford,
    Congratulations and good luck with your book and project. Stories of people and the inspiration they provide via the lives they lead are more of what the world needs.

    Please take a look at a blog by the father of twin boys, both born with Downsyndrome and both have Autism, he writes about his life and how his sons inspire him. And yes, he is me.

    Thanks Stanford, best wishes.

  4. Sarah

    One of my favorite websites is the website of my friend/mentor/publisher, Steven Saus, Steve posts about all matters relevant to writers and publishers, including how-to information and advice. He started his journey as a writer a few years ago and eventually moved into publishing and distributing. His personal motto is, “I play paladins,” a reference that might escape you if you’ve never played D&D, but which really tells you everything you need to know about Steve’s personal politics.

  5. Stanford Post author

    I appreciate you taking the time to point me toward Diana. I’ll take a look

  6. Austin Burkhart

    Congratulations on the book! You have a great passion so I would encourage you to keep working hard to achieve it. I’ll keep my eyes out for any blogs that might be helpful to you!

  7. Stephen Kavita

    If the world had at least two people like you we would definitely change the world. It is good of you to showcase blogs of people who have defied all odds to impact other people’s lives.

    Personally, I come from a place where people have very little knowledge about internet marketing. I try to help them by organizing free workshops. It really gives me great joy to see people coming up to become gurus in blogging.

  8. Katie McAleece

    Wow, this is beyond cool. I am so happy for you about your book, and beyond excited to pick up a copy when it’s released!

    I am going to say that one of the most inspiring blogs to me lately has been The blog’s author, Diana Stone, recently lost her twins in a miscarriage. She is incredibly brave and beautiful!

    I’ll keep my eyes open for other blogs that equally motivate and touch me. Many congratulations to you!!!

  9. Stanford Post author

    Yep, we need to chat ;)
    Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll check out Brett’s site.

  10. Laura Click

    First of all, congrats Stan!!!! I’m so pumped for you and need to hear more about this.

    Second of all, you should check out what my friend, Brett Henley is doing at I Am Convicted. He’s writing a book about a man who was in prison for 27 years and came out to start a non-profit for high-risk kids to prevent them from spending time in prison. He’s writing the book out in the open on the blog – sharing the story as he goes. It’s an interesting idea and a great story. Definitely worth a look:

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