You Are Closer to Blogging Success Than You May Think.

“If your dream is to launch a business or publish a book, then read Born to Blog! You’ll realize the blogger way is your fastest path to success.” — MICHAEL STELZNER, founder of Social Media Examiner and author of Launch

Born to Blog makes blogging accessible and fun for anyone. Read it, use it, and watch your business grow.” — JAY BAER, founder of Convince and Convert and coauthor of The Now Revolution

“This book shows how anyone can harness the power of blogging to create irresistible content” — BRIAN CLARK, CEO, Copyblogger Media

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Praise for Born to Blog

Fantastic – The Ultimate Guide to Blogging

“If you are thinking of starting a blog or if you have a blog that you believe could be doing better you need to read this book. Born to Blog is a fantastic resource on how to build a successful blog. It is very easy to follow and full of practical, actionable tips. Just the type of book I like to read!” – Ian Cleary

This Book Bleeds Yellow

I never judge a book by its “cover” but by its “color.” Years ago I developed the habit of reading with a yellow highlighter in one hand to visually capture the material important to me. Even now I can go back to a book read years ago and quickly scan it to see what I felt was important. Some of my books have little or no color which obviously means the book had little content which I wanted to capture. But “Born To Blog” bleeds yellow. – Jael 

Beyond Authorities

‘Born To Blog’ challenges you to take action with your blog. Schaefer and Smith have a proven track record in blog building. They’ve done it for solo-preneurs and Fortune 500 companies. In ‘Born To Blog,’ they tell their individual stories about how it wasn’t always so sweet with their blogging efforts. There’s no sugar coating here. They give it to you directly with honesty. Beyond that, this book gives you MORE than hope for your blog. It provides you steps, soup to nuts, on how to take your blogging to higher levels in all aspects. – Chris Craft


Born to Blog provides the information and tools you need to create and manage a blog that delivers extraordinary benefits. It outlines everything you need to know, including from blogging basics and setting up your blog to attracting loyal readers and converting them into buyers.


author mark Born to Blog  : Blog PromotionMark Schaefer

Mark W. Schaefer, the author of The Tao of Twitter(2011), Return On Influence (2012), and Born to Blog (2013) is a globally-recognized educator, speaker, business consultant, and author. His well-known blog {grow} (, is one of the AdAge Top 100 marketing blogs of the world.

Mark has worked in global sales, PR, and marketing positions for nearly 30 years and now provides consulting services as Executive Director of U.S.-based Schaefer Marketing Solutions. He has advanced degrees in marketing and organizational development and holds seven patents.

Mark enjoys teaching social media marketing courses and is a faculty member of the graduate studies program at Rutgers University. He was named by Forbes magazine as one of the top 50 social media “Power Influencers.” He is a popular public speaker and has appeared in the WSJ, New York Times, Wired, Forbes, Fortune, CBS – More

stan_photo_mediumStanford Smith

My love of technology started when I was eight years old. My parents bought me the Bill Cosby computer – the TI-994A. I spent so much time programming that box that my parents “threatened” to send me outside to play!

During college I tinkered with technology but wanted a way to combine my inner geek with my growing fascination with marketing. On August 9, 1995 I was working at a little strip mall Radio Shack store. The televisions were tuned to a cable business channel that was reporting on the IPO of a 16-month old start-up called Netscape. That day, Netscape’s founders became billionaires. I was hooked by web marketing ever since.

Eighteen-years later, I’m still fascinated by technology, marketing, and the power of the social web to level the playing field for small and medium sized businesses.

I blog about my perspectives at, More