Burned Out Blogger: 7 Ways to Get Your Mojo Back

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Beat Blogger Burnout

Are you struggling to publish this week’s blog post?  Are you about to call it quits because blogging is  more of a chore than a delight?  Maybe you wonder if blogging makes any sense. If so, you are experiencing Blogger Burnout.

Yes, blogger burnout is a dream killer.  It’s also an opportunity to reconnect, refocus, and recharge.  In fact, success is likely waiting for you on the other side of burnout.

Try these 7 blogger burnout busting tips to get your mojo back….

  1. Ask yourself “Why?”:  Why do you care about your subject.  Why do you want to help your reader?  Why does your business need a blog?  Answering these questions will focus your attention on the big picture and stoke your passion.
  2. Shift Your Goals:  First-time bloggers are often surprised by how lonely blogging can be.  Your first blogs will go unnoticed and feedback will be slow to arrive.  Focusing on the number of readers, comments, retweets, or subscribers will demoralize you.I was burned out three months after starting Pushing Social.  I almost decided to abandon the blog.  But I decided to try one more “trick”.  I set a goal of writing 90 posts in 90 days. I kept a post-it note in my planner and added a hash mark for every post.The first week sucked.  The second week was tolerable.  The third week was easy. In the end I had a year’s worth of weekly posts.  This goal sustained my enthusiasm while I waited for the my content to connect with my reader.
  3. Zap Guilt:  Don’t beat yourself up if you miss a post.  Sometimes life gets in the way and you don’t have time to publish when you should.  Understand that your blog works for you – not the other way around.  Commit to getting back on schedule and put the issue behind you.Beating yourself up for missing a post leads to a cycle where you harbor guilt, rationalize that guilt, miss another post, add more guilt, rationalize and now ignore the guilt.  This is losing scenario that ends with an abandoned blog.
  4. Identify Momentum Killers:  I love redesigning my blog.  I am a closet perfectionist.  I once spent an 3 feverish weeks trying to get a particular theme to look perfect.  Unfortunately my blog redesign allowed me fall behind on my posting schedule.  I reasoned that my blog design was critical to success – even more than writing posts!Crazy right? You are probably burned out because you’ve focused exclusively on a sideshow to your blog’s success.  You’ve allowed the stalled project to sap your momentum and focus.  Decide that “Done is better than perfect” and move forward.
  5. Talk to Readers:  Blogging is lonely but it doesn’t have to always be that way.  When I hit a dry patch, I call or email a reader.  I talk to them about their blog, their goals, and their challenges.  I always feel energized when the call is over.Abby Glassenberg, a Pushing Social Reader, called her readers and used the conversations to refocus and re-energize her efforts.  If you had trouble with Tip #1, then talking to your readers might be the answer.
  6. Get a Different Perspective:  I recently spent a good chunk of hard-earned cash to hire a coach.  The problem with being an “expert” is that you believe you have all the answers.  This quickly leads to myopic thinking and stalled initiatives.My coach understands the type of business I’m creating and has been incredibly valuable to redirecting and refocusing my efforts.Find a coach that understands what you are trying to accomplish.Invest in a few hours of time to get their opinion about your blog, business, and goals.This fresh perspective will get you immediately back on task.
  7. Fear Regret:  Look, I know that I’m supposed to end this list with the obligatory “Have Fun!”  Frankly that doesn’t work.  I fish for fun.  I play Risk for fun.  I pull pranks on my kids for fun.  Fun – I can take it or leave it.  Blogging for fun will only take you so far.Ask yourself if you will regret not finishing what you started with your blog.  Would you look back on your work and say, “I wish I could have made that happen?”  As I get older I understand that the threat of regret is a powerful motivator.  Understand the stakes you are playing for and the consequences of allowing burnout to beat you.  Do this and you’ll throw gasoline on your smoldering blogging fire.

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About Stan

Stan Smith is the Managing Director of Pushing Social a content marketing consultancy for aggressive, results-focused organizations.

15 thoughts on “Burned Out Blogger: 7 Ways to Get Your Mojo Back

  1. ozio media

    When the will to blog has gone it can also be a good idea to step outside of the box and look for a new angle from which to write. Part of the reason why many blogs seem to dwindle away is that the blogger has been following a particular pattern in their writing, offing a series of similar styled articles which has led to them becoming stale on the topic. The most common advice for overcoming writers’ block is to step away from the pressure of trying to write and do something else, break up your routine and to look for a fresh perspective from which to write. The same holds true on a larger scale for a blog as a whole.

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  3. Annabella Freeman

    If you blog for a hobby like me, some days you can end up hating something that should be fun. Sometimes I have to walk away, other times I read other blogs in my niche (beauty) to get fired up again.

    I started blogging in June 2009 and and quit after a few months. Then 6 months later I started again and haven’t stopped since. I love what I blog about and I hope that always shows.

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  6. Stanford Post author

    Just testing both of them.
    Soundcloud requires me to do too many steps to get my audio loaded. I’m sure experienced users can work it like a master but I can’ take the time to jump through hoops.
    With Libsyn, I just upload my audio and use the link for my site.

    This way I can focus on content rather than fiddling with tools.

  7. John @ 109 Sales/Day Affiliate


    we all been there, done it… I think an important aspect not to overlook is that when you feel like blogging is not for you is start to re-focus on what’s important the most to you: family, health, business, money, people around you… and tie in their problems with what you already know (your expertise) – your audience will more than probably identify with the new content you come up with

    We’re all humans, with similar wants and needs.

    And if we still don’t feel like blogging, why not interviews others or accept guest bloggers to continue blogging? Nobody says you have to do it all by yourself, right :)

  8. Davina K. Brewer

    Been discussing this lately, getting perspective and letting go of ‘perfect’ expectations. I know I put way too much pressure on myself when I guest post, freeze up so I don’t do it. Good ideas here, one thing I do is forget the schedule .. if a news story has me fired up and I write 400 words, I go ahead and get it out there. But if I’m not feeling it I don’t force it just b/c it’s Monday and I ‘must’ post; I take the break.

    Biggest thing I think to fight burnout is mix it up: read other stuff, watch something else.. then write something fresh and different. Clears the mind, recharges the juices a bit. FWIW.

  9. lori

    This post was exactly the medicine I needed today. Thanks! I’ve been struggling to stay on schedule w/ my posts – but I’ve been twice as busy in my day job / personal life. And – missing a post does trigger guilt that can compound quickly. I love blogging – and need to keep things going – despite a few lapses.
    I actually wrote a post about why I blog – that addresses some of what you bring up: http://alpacatreasure.com/2012/08/13/blogging-why-do-it-blogger-answers-questions-about-why-to-blog/

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  11. John Reeves

    Ask yourself “Why?” Why is the most motivating question I must ask every day. Why do I go to work, means “I am doing this” for who or what. The more important the “why” the more determined I become. My “why” is examined and added to daily. What is your “why”?

    Great Post Stanford!!

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