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Why Most Marketing Strategies Fail

The 4th Quarter is here.  Many marketers are huddled with their teams and analytic reports for 2016 planning. Some marketers will be happy with their progress so far this year.  Others are concerned with the lack of success from their marketing program. The most frustrating thing about marketing planning is...

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How to Revive A Dead Blog

“Stuff” happens. The blog you started has fallen on hard times. It lost support. You ran out of time. Readers didn’t show up. It didn’t drive as many leads as you thought. Now the blog sits on blogspot with a threadbare post from the spring of 2013. Your competition, however,...

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Should You Hire a Blog Writer? {Podcast}

Thinking about hiring a blog writer? Hiring a blog writer, a taboo a few years ago, is now common, even critical task. Today’s competition for reader attention demands a high-volume, high-quality blog posting schedule. While larger companies have the internal resources to accommodate the need, most businesses may need to...

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