My Favorite Side Income Blogging Tools and Plugins

social-media-tools-swiss-knifeThis Friday at 6PM EST, I will be teaching a few ways your blog can make you  a little cash before Christmas.

You can join the training by signing up here.

To get the most out of the call, you will need to have a few tools in place. Each of these tools require a little investment from you. Sorry, you need money to make money. But the cost is minimal and worth the investment.

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Let’s get started:

Self-hosted WordPress
I’m assuming that you already have a blog. Ideally you’ve written more than a dozen posts and are comfortable with creating new pages and installing plugins.

If you are brand new then download the latest version of and install it on a low-cost server such as Hostgator, Bluehost, or Digital Ocean. Here’s a quick primer on how to get your blog set-up in a few hours.

WooCommerce Plugin
WooCommerce is a free shopping cart plugin for WordPress. It is, without a doubt, the most important plugin for a growing blog based business. Since it’s free, the return on investment is literally incalculable.

Download WooCommerce, install, and activate it. Take a quick read through the online documentation. Specifically, you want to know how to add a product, how to link to your new product page, and configure WooCommerce to use Paypal for payment processing.

MailChimp is a full-featured, beautifully designed, CRM juggernaut. I ignored MailChimp for years, preferring to stick with Aweber. When I finally took another look I found that for $10 a month you can:
1. Set up an autoresponder to immediately deliver product links
2. Easily send email updates when you publish a new blog post
3. Segment my email list into groups based on a subscriber’s activity on my site (this is huge)

Plus multiple ways to integrate MailChimp with other online services like Gmail, Paypal, Wishlist Member, WooCommerce and others. I will always be a fan of Infusionsoft but their $200+ per month price tag is tough to swallow especially when MailChimp delivers key features for a tenth of the price.

LeadPages is the new king of lead page software. A lead page is focused on one task usually getting subscribers. If you’ve signed up for anything on Pushing Social it’s likely you were viewing one of my leadpages.

Lead Pages work because they eliminate all distractions and makes a strong pitch for a single action. They work but they are also tricky to create. Software like LeadPages make creating them point-and-click easy. Leadpages also works nicely with videos, GotoWebinar and Google+ Hangouts.

LeadPages will cost you about $37/month. I’ll show you how to make that investment back and then some during the Friday training.

Google Drive
Google Drive includes a word processor, presentation software, spreadsheet software, and a surprisingly powerful drawing program. Everything is free. Just install and use. You’ll be using the word processor and presentation software to create your products and the spreadsheet to tally up your sales.

I’ve almost completely stopped using Microsoft products. Paying hundreds of dollars for software just doesn’t make any sense for blog-based businesses that has to fight for every dollar.

Putting All The Pieces Together

Use Google Drive to create your product. I will be focusing on information products during the Friday Training call. Google Docs (part of Google Drive) is powerful enough to create your ebook complete with graphics, nice layout and live web links.

3-stacked-puzzle-piecesUse LeadPages to create a high-conversion page to offer a sample of your eBook. LeadPages will keep track of your performance and add each subscriber to your MailChimp Database

MailChimp will deliver your new subscribers a series of helpful emails to your new contacts. MailChimp comes with dozens of modern and professional looking email templates so you’ll look like a million bucks. We’ll use MailChimp to send out your “buy now” emails that will attract your readers back to your site – to purchase your product.

WooCommerce will be your virtual cashier. It will take the customer order and send credit card information off to PayPal. It will also deliver your product after the sale.

You can take this one-step further by having WooCommerce automatically add new customers to a special mailing list that can be used for VIP and loyalty offers to boost repeat purchases.

I’ve built this process for my Catalyst clients but I’ll show you a few shortcuts that will get some cash flowing before December 25th.

Sign-up for the Free Quick Holiday Cash Training Call Here

It will be at 6PM EST on Friday December 20th. At the moment, I’m not planing on providing a replay.

Sign-up if I can figure out how to tape a Google+ Hangout. You won’t have to install any fancy software to join, just visit the link I will give you after you register.

I also will be taking questions until I drop so think of this as a great chance to “pick my brain”.

I’ll see you on the call.