Take a minute to watch this scene from the movie Jobs, the biopic about Steve Jobs’ life.

We often think that the Crazy Ones are “out there”. They are the people on TV, in movies, in Washington D.C. or on the stage accepting a Nobel Prize. We routinely say – “One day I will be great.” Guess what. You are great. Right now.

I started Pushing Social with the belief that social media provided a stage for ordinary people to show their greatness.

In essence, at Pushing Social we believe that our world is filled with 6 Billion Crazy Ones. Our job is to help you discover and live this reality.

Get Fired Up.

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  • Melissa

    I’m raising a glass to all the crazies out there. And for those on the fence here’s some advice: don’t let anyone squelch the crazy in you! The world needs you just the way you are!