Fired Up Friday – Sacrifice

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It’s Independence Day in the United States.

It’s easy to think that this day is just about grilled hot dogs and fireworks.

But today is more than that. This was the day when individuals decided to sacrifice everything, their homes, jobs, and lives to be more – to be a Nation. Spiritually, you consciously or subconsciously make a decision to be free everyday –

Are we willing to sacrifice your fears, comfort, and safety to be free?

This video will help you understand what Independence really means:

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One thought on “Fired Up Friday – Sacrifice

  1. Don Ibbitson

    Great day for a post like this, Stan. I’d heard that expression before about graveyards being the wealthiest places on earth. Have used that to help spur me on to realize God’s purposes for me in this lifetime. Thanks for putting this up.

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