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Tired of Your “Ugly Blog?”  See How Blog Reboot Can Transform Your Blog into a Professional Marketing Tool

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What is Reboot?

Our Reboot Service is for bloggers who need to set-up or redesign their blog. Reboot combines blog design best practices, coaching and done-for-you design and technical services.

For example:

A recent client wanted to set-up a new blog to introduce and support a new service.  We worked with him to define his needs, branding requirements, and marketing objectives.  Our team used the information to quickly install and customize his blog.  We created a new header, layout, and redesigned his opt-in forms to make sure he could immediately build a database of blog subscribers.

Why Reboot Works

There is no excuse for having an ugly blog.  Reboot is built on the best practices needed to convince your readers that you are a credible and professional service provider.  Our combination of coaching and hands-on implementation frees you to focus on creating content and servicing your customers.

Reboot is great for people that are:

New Blog Publishers who want an eye-catching blog that is easy (even fun) to manage.

Current Blog Publishers who want to revamp their blog but lack the time (or patience) to build a professional presence.

Businesses that have blog designs that clash with their main business website.

Reboot is Customized for Your Blog

I work from a playbook of best practices.  However I customize this playbook for your blog and business.  I understand that your blog is a “special case” and I plan for your objectives and goals.

You won’t receive cookie-cutter advice.  You won’t receive abstract theory.  You’ll just get the best strategies applied to your unique situation.

For Example:

One of my clients came to me with a request to modify their existing blog.

After discussing their challenges and goals I realized that they had a brilliant idea for an entirely new blog.  We worked together to build the blog, create an editorial calendar, develop lead magnets and revamp their email marketing.  Today the new blog is rapidly picking up steam and attracting new readers.

Reboot includes the following services:

  • “Brand You”
    I’ll work closely with you to define your brand and create a blog design that will captivate and motivate  your readers and customers
  • Theme Makeover
    Select from hundreds of professional theme designs offered by StudioPress and Elegant Themes. Once we’ve found your theme, we’ll transform it to reflect your brand and meet your objectives.
  • Done-For-You Set-up and Configuration:
    My team will handle the entire blog installation, configuration, and launch process from start-to-finish.
  • Social Media Integration:
    We’ll connect your blog to your preferred social platforms. The end experience will be seamless and simple for your readers to use.

Chemistry Check

If we haven’t talked before then you may want to do some due diligence first.

Let’s jump on the phone and make sure that Reboot can work for you.  We’ll be working very closely for the next 30-days and I want to make sure you and I are on the same page.  So, let’s chat about your blog, your business, and your goals.

At the end of the phone call you can decide if Reboott is for you.  But most of all, you’ll have the chance to check me out and make sure we can work together.

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The investment for Reboot is $600.00.

This is a flat one-time fee.  I don’t charge by the hour.  Your $600 pays for an outcome.

Your outcome can be: a new blog, a tool for building authority and thought leadership, or a relaunch of your brand.

If you are ready to get started immediately then click here to pay via credit card or Paypal.