iStock 000016892847XSmall 187x300 Get Your 1,000 Blog Readers Challenge Checklist (Its Free!) : Blog PromotionWe’re moving into the second week of the 1,000 Reader Blog Challenge and things are heating up.  More people have signed up for the Challenge and I’m excited to see how everyone does.

Anyone can join the challenge at any time.  The challenge formally ends on June 9, 2012.  The goal is to get 1,000 new monthly readers to your blog in the next 90 days.  You can publicly announce your participation by commenting on the kickoff post here.

As promised, I’m dedicating every Wednesday to equipping you with the best strategies and techniques for building your audience.

This week I have a gift for you.  I’ve built a 1,000 Blog Reader Challenge Checklist that offers suggestions on everything from how to pick your audience to promoting your blog.  I also threw in some advanced tactics for you overachievers.  Get Your 1,000 Blog Readers Challenge Checklist (Its Free!) : Blog Promotion

So, it’s a short post today.  I want you to take the time to download the checklist (no opt-in or cash required), print it out, and start taking action.

I want to provide the best tools available so make sure you tell me what you think of the checklist in the comments below.

Ok, get cracking!

Download the 1,000 Blog Reader Challenge Checklist

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  • Andy Robert

    thank you very much was finding this sought of tips from long time you ended my search.

  • Elle

    Thank you so much for the easy checklist. I started doing this myself because you have been sharing so many juicy tips and I didn’t want to loose track of them. Awesome challenge!

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