How Often Should Your Small Business Blog Publish?

It’s easy (and safe) to give you a vague answer to this question.

Some would say that my…um…”powerful” recommendation would cause level-headed business owners to chisel my opinion into stone.  Small businesses across the world would cite my recommendation as the foundation for their blogging strategies.

Yea – right.

I know you are smarter than that.  Let’s agree that you’ll apply my advice if it makes sense for your business.   In exchange, I will give you a specific unambiguous answer.


Successful Small Business Blogs Post At Least….

Once a week.

By now, I’ve reviewed, consulted, and built many successful business blogs and without fail they all publish a blog every single week.  They make their weekly post a priority.  When they slip, they lose readership and weaken their sales.

Why Once a Week Works…

The Relationship Advantage
Think of your blog as a courtesy phone call to your most profitable customers.

Your blog post strengthens your relationship by keeping you top of mind.  Your weekly post also establishes a rhythm to your relationship.  Every week your customers know that you’ll be checking in with them with an helpful information and updates.

The Content Advantage
Learning how to create useful content on a weekly basis is a profitable skill.  Thinking through how your business can add value to your customer’s life every week will give you a powerful competitive advantage.

Imagine if you had hard it would be for a competitor to win away a customer that had received 52 friendly, helpful, and insightful blog from you last year?  These blog posts would:

  • Set the buying criteria for evaluating your products or services
  • Establish your authority and credibility
  • Demonstrate why quality and responsive customer service is more important than bargain-basement pricing
  • Address objections before your sales team knocks on their door

Each one of these blog posts widens the moat around your customer creating a powerful competitive advantage.

The Search Engine Advantage

I’ve discovered the silver-bullet for getting more free search traffic to any blog.

It is -> Publish more often.  Why?

Google loves blogs that have fresh content.  Moving from a random, infrequent posting to a consistent weekly schedule will get more of your content indexed. Indexed content pulls in search engine visitors.

From Google’s standpoint, 52 pages of high-quality relevant content is a great sign that the blog takes care of their visitors. This makes sense when you think about your own habits.  Do you visit blogs that pump out great information every week or blogs that publish less frequently?

The Sharing Advantage

It’s interesting to note that the top NBA scorers take the most shots.  Famous home run hitters often lead the list of have the most strikeouts.

This observation holds true for frequent bloggers. They seem to register more “100+ retweet” posts and get mentioned by influencers more often than other bloggers.  Every blog post gives them another “at bat”.  Frequent publishing also refines their writing skills steadily increasing the quality of their posts further increasing their chances of getting noticed.

Does Posting Less Than Once A Week Ever Make Sense?


How’s that for a straight answer?

Listen.  Look hard enough and you’ll find people who’ll argue that it’s perfectly ok to publish once a month.

They’ll say that writing a 20 page mini-novel is better than learning how to consistently pump out quality information.  They’ll point to their blog as an example of their brilliance.  Cool.  I’m willing to bet that they’re the exception to the rule and you’ll be better off forming the habit of publishing weekly.

What do you think?

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Stan Smith is the Managing Director of Pushing Social a content marketing consultancy for aggressive, results-focused organizations.

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