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How To Get More Readers With Repurposed Blog Content

Are fewer people reading your blog even though you consistently publish high quality content?

This situation is frustrating because its difficult to diagnose. The tendency of most is to dig in and be patient hoping the traffic decline is a temporary hiccup.

However, it’s more likely that you have reached most of the people who prefer to consume content via your current platform.

I often see this problem in small highly specialized niches. The situation is aggravated if most of your content is confined to one medium like blogging. You simply have run out of people who want to read blog posts about your niche!

How to Jumpstart a Stagnant Audience

It’s time to supplement your blog audience with traffic from other mediums. For bloggers this means producing content for iTunes via podacasts, YouTube with video, SlideShare with presentation slides, or Pinterest with visual content.

This is scary but easier to implement than you think. It’s also necessary if you want a resilient and effective content marketing strategy.

I’ll give you a quick overview on how to introduce a new platform to your content marketing portfolio. Each platform has its own best practices so I’ll offer specialist resources where appropriate.

Take Content Baby Steps

First, resolve to take this process one, baby step at a time. You are moving out of your comfort zone and the learning curve will feel steep at times. This a long-term strategy so adjust your expectations accordingly.

Next, select a platform that is a natural extension of your current content.

For example:

Bloggers can transition to podcasting by narrating their existing posts.

Podcasters can add visuals (i.e. Powerpoint slides) record a screencast and publish their new video podcast on YouTube and iTunes.

Video Bloggers can post their presentation slides on SlideShare and turn quotes into visuals for Pinterest.

Notice that I’m suggesting small pivots here. Start with your current content, repurpose and publish it on another platform.

Perfect is The Enemy of Good

Focus on “shipping” your new content. It won’t be perfect. Little things will aggravate and annoy you. It will seem that you are taking too much time on each piece of content but ship anyway. You’ll get better with time and practice.

Slowly raise the bar as you get comfortable with the platform. Use expert advice to get better faster. I recommend checking out:

Go ahead and share your favorite expert in these categories in the comments section.

Small Tips For Making An Immediate Impact

I hate to admit this but I’ve spent close to $8,000 over the last 3–4 years on video recording equipment. I have awesome cameras, backdrops, lighting, and tripods. I struggled with all of this stuff and kept throwing money at the problem.

One day, I decided to just put my iPhone on a tripod, clip on a lavalier microphone and record. It turned out great and just needed $100 worth of equipment! This was a tough but important lesson – focusing on simple changes can yield great results.

Each content platform has its quirks but usually you can noticeably increase the quality of your content by focusing on these areas:

Podcasting: Audio quality.
An excellent microphone with a pop filter makes a huge difference in audio clarity and quality.

Video: Lighting + Audio.
Learning how to properly light yourself along with a good clip on microphone is a quick way to create good quality video.

Presentations: Photos
Big, vibrant, and expressive photos can turn humdrum presentations into attention grabbers.

Reference the experts I listed above for more platform content shortcuts.

Get started today. The sooner you start the sooner you will have great content that will bring in a new audience.

About Stan

Stan Smith is the CEO of Pushing Social a content marketing consultancy for aggressive, results-focused organizations.

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