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How to Get Noticed with Smart Comments

I used to comment on other blogs for the SEO benefit.  Then, blog owners decided to close the candy story by making their links – NOFOLLOW – erasing any “link juice” benefit.  Although there is a push to offer SEO-Friendly backlinks (via CommentLuv), Google is now giving less weight to comment links.

That’s all right because I’ve been clued into the real reason to comment on blogs – getting noticed and making connections with influencers in your niche.

No One Ignores Comments

I read every single comment. So does most bloggers.  If you leave a comment, it’s very, very likely that it will get read. With so many things competing for the top blogger’s time, a well written comment can cut through the clutter and get noticed.

But all comments are not created equal.  There’s the run-of-the mill 2-liners that populate most comment sections.  These comments contribute nothing to the conversation.  They are not bad just boring and easily forgotten.  Sometimes I leave this just to show my support.  But if you want to kick it up a notch then use Smart Comments.

Smart comments are well-crafted mini-posts that hijack eyeballs.  Blog authors live for these comments.  They appreciate the time you put into them.  They may even reward you by returning the favor, asking you to guest post, or giving you that coveted twitter shoutout.

Here are some simple tips to get you started with Smart Comments:

1. Write more

Most commenters leave brief one-line slaps on the back that melt into the background.   That means you can get noticed by just writing more.  Writing a well-thought out response to a post will catch the eye of the author and get extra attention.  But don’t write to just fill space.  Respect the post author’s time by have something important to contribute to the conversation.

2. Be Specific

General statements are useless for creating engagement and conversation.  Authors appreciate all comments but really enjoy the ones that highlight specific thoughts about the post.  If you liked the post, point out the statement that caught your eye and explain why.  If something ticked-you-off then quote the statement and make your case.

3. Ask a Question

Stand out by starting with a good question.  A great question is hard to pass-up and your likely to get a response.  Use this opportunity wisely.  This is a great way to help the blogger clarify a vague position or put a finer edge on a point.

4. Answer a Question

If you see a question that you can answer, go ahead and put your 2 cents in! Good bloggers will recognize your enthusiasm and appreciate your initiative.  Face it, although all comments are read, there isn’t always time to immediately answer them all.  Answering a question shows you want to be useful.  This is an effective way to get noticed.

One caveat. I am NOT advocating you leave spam comments. Far from it, don’t dare leave a comment on a post that you don’t sincerely value.  You will just burn bridges and annoy a lot of people including me.

Although commenting isn’t the SEO-juggernaut is used to be, it’s still a stellar way to get on your influencer’s radar screen.  How are you using comments?  Do you have any super-ninja commenting techniques that you can share? Don’t be afraid to leave a comment – you get a 2-liner pass for today

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Stan Smith is the CEO of Pushing Social a content marketing consultancy for aggressive, results-focused organizations.

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