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How to Get Your Blog Noticed and Promoted by Super Influencers

Look, I’m going to catch hell for this but, back in the day,  I was a true Michael Jackson fan (The Off the Wall and Thriller Michael – not the circus freak Michael).

I remember listening to Off the Wall on cassette tape and thinking – “I’ve never heard anything like this before!”  Right then and there I started my 20 year obsession:

  • I knew every song on Thriller by heart (still do)
  • I still horrify my wife with my otherworldly moonwalking skills (don’t laugh you know you want a video)
  • I spent the summer of 1984 staging Thriller copy-cat videos in my backyard complete with make-up and costumes
  • I Went to every single concert

I was a True Fan.

And if MJ had a blog in the 80’s he would have been thrilled to have me guest post.

Today, we have very few True Fans even with the popularity of social media.  Frankly it’s too easy to pose as a fan without really being one.  Geez – all you have to do is click a “Like” button.

And that’s the reason why that most Super Influencers ignore guest post, joint venture, and re-tweet requests. They just don’t want to waste their time on posers.

On the other hand, I’ve discovered that the top thought leaders on the web will bend over backwards to help a true fan.

Let’s talk about how to become one and and put your blog on the map.

The Best Strategy – Influence the Influencer

Today, the Internet is filled with celebrities that have incredible influence.  One post, tweet, or Like from these super influencers could stock your subscriber list and swamp your blog with visitors.

The hard part is getting on their radar screen.

I’ll be frank with you. I’m still intimidated by approaching influencers like Chris Brogan or Brian Clark – but I keep one thing in mind.  They all started with 0 subscriber blogs and just a few visitors a day.

Plus, I know that every serious blogger has 3 hurdles to clear every day:

  • Hurdle #1. Creating Content
  • Hurdle #2. Curating Content
  • Hurdle #3: Promoting Their Content

A True Fan enthusiastically volunteers to help.

True Fan Bootcamp

Here’s how you earn your stripes and sneak onto your targeted influencers speed dial – (Note: I have to say this – don’t be creepy.  Respect your influencer’s time and space.  The tips you’re receiving are meant to help you get noticed – not arrested!)

Memorize the Song Lyrics:

  1. Review every single blog post written to get a sense of their voice.  This helps when writing a blog post that fits their editorial voice.
  2. Understand which topics your influencer enjoys talking about. Hook into their passion and think about ways you can add value to their content.
  3. Find the hole that your influencer needs to fill to round out their message.  Remember that your influencer wants to offer a complete experience to their tribe.  Help them add the spice that keeps their audience interested and coming back for more.

Attend Every Concert:

  1. Consider attending a conference where your influencer will be speaking.  If you can’t attend, follow the conference via the #hashtag or do a search on for the actual presentation. Re-tweet specific insights liberally.
  2. Register and listen-in on webinars.  Here’s a secret – actually ask questions. Don’t be obnoxious – just make sure you don’t melt into the crowd.
  3. Join Forums to possibly get some one-on-one interaction.  I’m a member of Third Tribe and find that it’s a great way to connect with  the movers-and-shakers.  Look for similar opportunities in your niche.

Recruit other Fans

  1. Twitter is my favorite way to get my followers excited about a new post or product offered by the influencers in my specialty.  Strive to add a bit of commentary before your RT to make it stand-out.
  2. Blog Comments – A well thought-out blog comment will go along way to separating you from the crowd.  Take the time to offer a comment that allows the writer the chance to expand on their post.  Referencing another post in their blog is also a nice touch.

Do Then Ask

I recommend you find 2-3 influencers to follow and put your campaign into practice for at least a month. Don’t worry if some folks don’t respond just stick with it. The key is patience and consistency.  The more you give the better you’ll do

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About Stan

Stan Smith is the CEO of Pushing Social a content marketing consultancy for aggressive, results-focused organizations.

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