swagger wagon 300x187 How to Rekindle Your Social Media Swagger : Blog PromotionSomething weird happens at 9AM every morning.

I pull into the parking lot, toe-kick my car door open, hoist my travel mug and laptop bag and head for the office building doors.

As I reach for the handles, a metamorphosis begins to occur. My sense of humor gets dialed back a notch.  My vocabulary becomes lofty and abstract.

I’ve assumed my corporate personae and left the silly, emotional, impulsive, and highly distracted consumer outside.

Shuffling into the elevator, I see the transformation on the faces of my fellow corporate warriors. We’re ready to preach to our customers – and get ignored.

The other day, I talked about Resonance.I talked about how resonance needed to drop-kick “engagement” in the butt and stage a social media coup de’ tat. I got a hearty amen from most of you.

So let’s take the next step…

How Do You Resonate?

I plan on filling up quite a few pages on this topic. But today, I felt that the best way to get the thinking started was to point to a kickass example of resonance.

…from a car company.

Not BMW, Mini Cooper, or Audi.

Instead, we get our lesson in suburban resonance from the king of middle-of-the-pack transportation boxes –


Somehow these folks went out and got some swagger…

Check it’

As a parent of 3 boys I resonate from head to toe with this video’s message. Toyota has cracked my skull, crawled inside, and lived my life through my eyes.

Then they took every emotion harbored by a suburban middle class parent and boiled it down to 3 minute video.

You can’t achieve this resonance with corporate small talk. Can’t even get close.
9 million views later, parents are considering Sienna minivans for the first time.

How Your Business Can Achieve Resonance

It starts with practical empathy.

Find your customers and dive into their lives. Ask key questions such as:

1. How do you want my product to make you feel?
2. What disappoints you the most about how my business (or competitors) treat you?
3. What has to happen first before you will tell your family and friends to trust our business?

These questions dig past the everyday flotsam of corporate America and forces everyone to talk like human beings. It’s hard. Your bosses may feel like it doesn’t make economic sense. However the reward of achieving resonance is worth the extra hours. The good news is that you won’t be wasting time trying to guess how to make your product relevant.

Once you’ve discovered the core principles that move your customers then you can start creating relevant content and finding platforms to share your perspective and stories.

You’ll know you’re on the right path when your audience starts to say – “You Get It”.

The best and most profitable comment you can receive from a customer.

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  • TiaMarshae

    Awesome post on Social Media Swagger. My passion and mission is to help companies stroke their EGO in a way that is not rude or obnoxious but shows that they are the industry leaders within their niche market. ~TiaMarshae, Social Media and Marketing Maven – EGO Trip Media tiamarshae

  • pamperry

    This is social media SWAG for real! Love this post. This inspired our Facebook group Social Media Swag. Got Swagger? Join us.

  • JaneWells


    Now… how to apply swagger to books….