How to Write Your First 10 Small Business Blog Posts

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Your first post will be the The hardest one you will ever write.  Not because you don’t have anything to say, the opposite actually; you have a lot to say but have no clue where to start.

Today, I’ll outline 10 posts that you should write for your small business blog.

These posts are important because they set the tone for your blog.  New readers will form their first impressions from these posts.  These posts will also plant your flag in your chosen subject area. So, before you start, make sure you have a clear vision about what to write.

I recommend you start with “The Power 10″:

Post #1 : What You Will Give

Explain the gift you will give your readers with every post.  Articulate the benefit of spending 10 minutes with your blog.  Your first visitors will examine your blog for clues that point to its usefulness.  This post makes a clear argument for including your blog on the readers “dance card” of places to visit.

Post #2: Who The Blog Is For

Sketch a picture of the person who will receive the most benefit from your blog.  Focus on the challenges they face and how your business is equipped to solve those challenges. Be careful to not stray into “advertising speak”.  Instead, crawl inside the head of your audience and explain their expectations.  The goal is to build rapport with your visitors and turn them into regular readers.

Posts #3 and #4Your Businesses Approach

Introduce readers to your business.  Specifically, write two posts that explain your unique way of building products and/or delivering services.  Keep your reader’s attention by telling a story about your customers, their needs, and your approach.  The key here is to tell a story where your customer is the hero and your business is an attentive and responsive mentor.  If your post sounds like an ad, scrap it, and try again.  It’s important that you get these posts right.

Posts #5 – #9 : Solve Aggravating Problems

Your readers will arrive at your blog with at least one problem that is aggravating the piss out of them.  It nags them day in and day out.  For some it may be stealing time, costing them money, or destroying something that is important to them.

Take the next five posts educating your readers about these posts.  Offer insider tips and recommendations that helps them move toward a solution.  Be generous.  You are building trust and your willingness to share information will differentiate you from your competitors.

Post #10 : Your Customers and Employees

Celebrate your current customers and give them a reason to check out your new blog.  Talk about how you solved their problems.  Share customer photos, testimonials, and video to add depth to the post.

If you have employees, talk about them and your culture.  The idea is to help your readers understand who is serving them.  Make sure they know that your aren’t a faceless logo, you are a company filled with people who care.

Already Started Your Blog?

No problem.  Hit the reset button, and write these ten posts.  Publish them once a week for the next 10 weeks.  The beauty of  the “Power 10” is that they aren’t time dependent.  There’s never a bad time to solve customer problems, celebrate your employees, or outline your unique approach.

Go ahead and schedule these posts in your editorial and get cracking.  If you are still stuck, let me know if you need a blog critique or a coaching session. Sometimes it helps to have another pair of eyes.

About Stan

Stan Smith is the Managing Director of Pushing Social a content marketing consultancy for aggressive, results-focused organizations.

6 thoughts on “How to Write Your First 10 Small Business Blog Posts

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  3. DanielFairborn

    Thanks for the straight forward, actionable advice. I’ve been putting off blogging on my site because I didn’t know how to begin but you’ve given me a great place to start. The rest will come easy.

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  5. Charleen Larson

    You make some good points. I’m one of those people who loves actual examples and since I suspect you applied these guidelines to this very same blog at one time, perhaps you could link to those posts?

    Which of your readers’ aggravating problems did you solve? It’s not bragging if you’re using it as an example. :-)

  6. Katie McAleece

    I work for a small business at this point, so although not all of these tips apply to my personal blog- I think I will suggest to our owner that we start a blog for our company! Thanks for the inspiration!

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