I Need Your Vote: Send Pushing Social to SXSW

I’m not running for POTUS.  Governor Romney or President Obama aren’t interested in my services.

But I still need your vote.

Here’s the deal…

I’ve teamed up with Mark Schaefer from {Grow} and Gini Dietrich from SpinSucks to host a panel for SXSW 2013.

The panel is titled “Born to Blog – Are You Hardwired for Blogging Success?” I’m pumped to be working with Mark and Gini and we are going to bring the thunder to Austin next year.

But we need your vote to get there.

SXSW picks their events based on the number of votes the event gets.  That means we all have to go out and drum up votes for our events.  No problem.  I know I can count on you to take 5 minutes and show me some love.  :)

(Plus I want to impress Mark and Gini so please hook me up)

Click here to vote

For some unexplainable reason, the SXSW folks want you to register to vote.  Don’t ask me why, but don’t let it scare you off.  As far as I can tell its innocuous.  Maybe their way of preventing stuffing the ballot box.

When you to the panel picker section – just search for our panel discussion using the search box on the top right.  This will bring up our panel discussion listing.  Click the thumbs-up icon and you are all set.

Unfortunately, I don’t have “I voted today” stickers for you so go ahead and tell me you voted in the comments below.

Thank you in advance

Vote For Born to Blog at SXSW 2013 Now! 

P.S. I would love your vote even if you don’t plan on attending SWSW.  It would be nice to show everyone how Pushing Social readers roll!


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Stan Smith is the Managing Director of Pushing Social a content marketing consultancy for aggressive, results-focused organizations.

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