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Just One Thing: A Better Email Strategy

Just One Thing will give you one blog building task for this week. Get it done and the results will put a smile on your face next week.

You should be building two email lists:

List #1: Blog Readers
Anyone who signs up for blog updates are placed on your blog readers list. This list grows in spurts based on the quality of your post. You’ll know when you’ve published a particularly well-liked post when you see an increase in blog post update sign-ups.

Any email to this list should relate to your latest blog post. Resist the temptation to send regular promotional emails to these subscribers. They signed up for blog post notifications and will not tolerate receiving anything else. On rare occasions you can send a promotional email but understand that you’ll see a spike in unsubscribes.

You can monetize this list by adding an offer to your email template, but keep the message simple and hype free.

List #2: Leads, Fans, and Fanatics
Subscribers to this list have indicated their interest in receiving more than just blog updates. They are interested in your approach and are curious about what you have to offer. Be careful. You need to build trust and rapport with these subscribers before you can make an offer. Here’s how I do it:

The 4:1 Email Campaign

Send four content-rich email messages for every promotional/offer email. Stick to this 4:1 regimen like your life depended on it. This structure has several benefits:

Prevents Promotion Fatigue

I’m sure you’ve been on email lists where every email is a pitch. It’s annoying and I’ve found myself unsubscribing even though I respect the business! Your readers shouldn’t feel overwhelmed by offers. The 4:1 sequence puts a promotional email in their inbox once every 4–5 weeks if you send messages weekly.

Shifts Your Focus

The 4:1 campaign forces you to map out the content you’ll send via email. You’ll need to create an email editorial calendar that reinforces your blog posts. This subtle shift allows you to look at your email subscribers as an extended audience that deserve extra content and attention.

Leverages Reciprocation

Focusing on content before promotion builds goodwill with your subscribers and earns their attention when you send an offer. Using 4:1 correctly causes your audience to look for ways to repay you for your generosity. It’s a Win:Win solution.

Take a look at your email campaign for the Leads, Fans, and Fanatics group and and build your 4:1 campaign. I like to map content out for 3 months so this means 9 content-filled messages and 3 promotional offers.

You can get better results from offer emails by adding content giving subscribers something useful along with the offer.

Got any questions?

About Stan

Stan Smith is the CEO of Pushing Social a content marketing consultancy for aggressive, results-focused organizations.

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