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This week we dove in and discussed the little stuff that keeps professional bloggers up at night.  I also gave you a glimpse at how the sausage is made on Pushing Social.

Dig in peeps.

Blog Spotlight:

Once a week, I will shine a big spotlight on a PS Reader’s blog.  These folks are blogging their hearts out and asked for my help. Take a look and cheer them on.

Spotlight: JBMThinks

This Week on PS

7 Blog Mistakes That Drive Your Reader Nuts

I’ve been doing some blog reviews and realize there are little mistakes that almost always drive away readers.  Here’s my top ones.

One Reason Why Your Blog Isn’t Making Money

Professional bloggers have a goal most of the time it’s making money from their efforts.  If you are in this boat then there’s something you need to know.

How to Publish Daily When You Have a 9-5 Job

Every wonder how bloggers kick out a post a day?  Here’s how I do it…

How to Sell Retail Products (Even Boring Ones) With Your Blog

This is a special note to all the retail and e-commerce bloggers out there.  I know it’s hard coming up with posts.  I’ve got your back


Awesome resources that received a lot of attention from PS this week.  Take a look and retweet if you like.

5 Tips for Making Your Brand More Social

The Problem with SOPA (And How to Stop It)

3 Tools For Managing a Killer Multi-Author Blog

5 Reasons Why It is Hard to Make Money Blogging






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