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According to one estimate, 3 million posts will be published today. Approximately 540,000 of these posts were written by professional bloggers trying to transition their audience from reading to buying. Others hope their posts are compelling enough to prompt a return visit.

However, most bloggers aren’t making a dime from their blog.

The reasons why haunt each blogger every night. Are they passionate enough? Are they engaging enough? Surprisingly, these are the wrong questions to ask.

The reason why most blogs don’t make money can be traced back to one decision (or lack of one).

The World is My Audience

Social media is the most egalitarian marketing discipline since broadcast media. Bloggers naturally feel that everyone is interested in their topic. You rarely hear people wondering if they have the right readers. They just assume that they do. Even when they think about their reader’s characteristics, it’s done on a surface level.

This means that most of the time the blogger has picked the wrong audience. This initial error spirals out of control. The wrong audience leads to the wrong content, the wrong content leads to reader confusion, reader confusion leads to a blog on life-support.

If you suspect that you are caught in the pull of a bad audience decision take comfort in the fact that you are not alone. The mistake is an easy way to make. Hell I burned through two blogs and almost killed this one until I figured it out.

Oops, I Picked the Wrong Audience

How do you know if you’ve picked the wrong audience? Here are a few pointers:

You Believe All Engagement is Good Engagement:

We have to be honest and realize that time is a scarce commodity. I have a day job which means that I have very little time to produce my product – blog posts and unique content. You probably are in the same boat. We want to talk to everyone but we just don’t have the time.

If you are spending your time “engaging” with everyone who has a pulse on twitter instead of writing useful (read profitable) content then engagement is sucking money right out of your pocket. Same goes for Google+, Twitter, LI, and other outposts.

In this scenario, we need to be extremely selective about who we engage with. So, some engagement is more beneficial than others. Understanding this allows you to cultivate relationships that offers valuable benefits like new content ideas, more reach for your blog, or even a product sale.

You Don’t Ask for the Sale

Look at your goal. Now take a pen and paper and explain how your content accomplishes that goal. Point to when you have a successful conversion event or when your blog makes you money. Is it a click on an ad? Is it an opt-in to a newsletter that pre-sells your product? Is it a donation button?

As bloggers we tend to bury our conversion events like a dog buries a bone. I almost always see this when I review a blog.  

The echo chamber persuades us that we’re somehow dirty for wanting to feed our family with our blog. Pay them no mind. There’s no nobility in poverty and social media isn’t a bankruptcy pack. If your audience hates commerce than you have the wrong audience.

You Can’t Describe Your Ideal Reader

Who is your ideal reader. Mine is a middle-aged women, who works a day job, has 2 kids, one in kindergarten another in middle school. She drives a used car. Her blogging, computer, and minimal programming skills are self-taught. She started blogging as a hobby but wonders if she can make the ends meet by turning her blog into a hobby.

I have a similar description for the dudes as well.

How about you? When you can picture your ideal reader then you can write copy that sings directly into their ear. You won’t make any money until you have this up-close and intimate rapport with your reader. You get there by picturing your ideal reader.

What Does Profitable Audience Looks Like?

This is what you are looking for -

Your audience must understand the value you are delivering. They should have a keen sense of what they are missing and have the motivation to go find the answer. Your content fits like a key in a lock.

This sounds crass but your audience has to have the income to buy what you are offering. It feels uncomfortable to think about the money in your customer’s pocket but you need to figure that into your planning.

Next, your audience should have the desire to implement and experiment with what you are sharing with them. Ideally, you want readers who take action. The Internet Marketing space is littered with failed entrepreneurs who built blogs and businesses for people with zero work ethic.

You can look for these signs in your comments. Also an engaged audience will send questions through your Contact form. They will be hungry to follow-up with you and get “insider” information.

I also watch the “time on page” measurement in Google Analytics. I’m happy when I see that people are sticking around long enough to actually read a post. Of course, the ultimate measure is subscriptions and sales.

How to Attract Your Perfect Audience

The easiest way to attract a profitable audience is to position yourself as an authority. Talk about your experience. Show your expertise. Help your readers see results. Once your audience sees your passion for delivering on your promises then they would start talking about you to their networks. By the way this requires you to carry yourself like an expert. If you have a problem with that then read this.

Next, go and hang out with your audience. Find the digital watercooler that attracts the people you want to influence. Once you find the spot, look for opportunities to guest post. Leave thought-provoking comments. Ask questions and learn about problems that your audience needs to solve then write posts, ebooks, and reports offering unique content.

At first, your audience will not come to you. Why should they? You have to prove yourself to them Be aggressive. Show up and deliver.

Once your people start to arrive at your blog never disappoint them. Keep pouring on the content until they beg to do business with you. This is how the content economy works. This is how professional bloggers thrive.

You Should Be Squirming Just a Little Now

What you just read was meant to agitate you a bit. It contradicts the easy-as-it-goes stuff you hear around blogging. What do you think? How are you attracting your profitable audience?


If you need me to take a look at your blog and let you know if you are reaching the right audience then let me know.

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