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Why Every Successful Content Marketing Strategy Needs a Secret

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Facebook is the New Google. That’s the bad news.

I remember waiting for the Google Dance.  Old school SEO experts know what I’m referring to.  Years ago, Google would update its index once a month.  Online marketers would watch their search listings hoping for a jump in rankings.  The next day, forums would fill with the lucky and the damned, those who thought Google was awesome and others that swore it was Satan incarnate.

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Do These Top 15 Super Networkers Suck At Social Media?

Shane Snow, author of Shortcuts, is on the book tour circuit and he’s lighting up the blogosphere with fascinating articles that highlight extraordinary people with uncommon skills.

His latest FastCompany article, 15 People Who Are Taking Networking To A New Level caught my attention.  Snow list highlights people who have the ability to create connections between just about anyone.  These folks sit at the nexus of the 2 degrees of separation.


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How To Get Noticed As An Expert

Do you sell advice?

If so, you need to be an expert. You also need to convince your audience that you’re an expert too.

But by now you know that you are competing in a crowded space. It seems like everyone is an expert.

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7 Roles of the Savvy Content Marketer

7 Roles of the Savvy Content Marketer

It used to be that a good marketing professional just needed to know how to work a powerpoint presentation and a whiteboard. That’s no longer the case. The new breed of successful content marketers must be comfortable with an evolving set of roles that have only recently become essential for executing marketing plans. We’ll discuss these 7 roles and what you need to do to master them.

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A Word about The Social Media Success Summit 2014

Can’t you get everything you need to know about content marketing by running a few Google searches and save some cash in the process?

I want to convince you that reading a few random articles online isn’t the same as focused, deliberate education.

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