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<span class="bw-title-nodisplay" bw_title_bandit="a277e7f8-e000-4381-abf8-d11b7834ca4b">How to Create a Winning Content Mix for 2015</span>

How many times has a social media expert told you that in order to succeed online, you have to be “everywhere?” Probably more than once or twice. It’s a piece of advice repeated so often that we become numb to hearing it over and over. It’s easy to repeat what someone else says, even when you don’t understand the reasoning behind it. Then there are other thought leaders in the social sphere that will take a slightly different approach, telling you that being “everywhere” is foolish and that Read More

7 Roles of the Savvy Content Marketer

7 Roles of the Savvy Content Marketer

It used to be that a good marketing professional just needed to know how to work a powerpoint presentation and a whiteboard. That’s no longer the case. The new breed of successful content marketers must be comfortable with an evolving set of roles that have only recently become essential for executing marketing plans. We’ll discuss these 7 roles and what you need to do to master them.

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A Word about The Social Media Success Summit 2014

Can’t you get everything you need to know about content marketing by running a few Google searches and save some cash in the process?

I want to convince you that reading a few random articles online isn’t the same as focused, deliberate education.

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Fired Up Friday – You Gotta Jump to be Successful

This Fired Up Friday has an important message about success from the brilliant Steve Harvey. Is building your business harder than you thought it would be…? 

If the answer is yes, you’ll want to check out this video to find out why that’s perfectly okay. It should be hard. You should want it to be hard!


Fired Up Friday – From Struggle Comes Success

Today’s video features the inspirational story of a man named Josef Azam. Five years ago, he was loading luggage at an airport. Today, he’s the CEO of a multi-million dollar company. To date, he’s generated over $250 million dollars in sales for his clients.

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