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What is the Difference Between Success and Failure?

This video is about – the space between: success and failure, confidence and insecurity, scarcity and abundance. Get this…the distance can be bridged with a minor shift in your mindset, no fancy tools, books, courses, or sherpa’s required. Watch and act.

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fear of failure

How to Beat the Fear of Failure

Do you keep a to-do list?

Take a look at it. Count how many projects that you’ve started but haven’t finished.

Do you have projects stuck in the “not quite finished” phase?

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Sick Blog

Sick Blog? Here Are 13 Ways To Fix It

Are you frustrated with your blog’s performance?

Then you’ve probably scoured Google looking for simple ways to get your blog back on track.  I’ve been there.  I started two blogs that failed and have had to revive Pushing Social many times.   The good news is that the common blogging problems can be grouped into 4 areas: 1. No readers, No Subscribers, No Comments / engagement, and no sales.  For each of these areas, I’ll share a prescription that will put your sick blog on the path to recovery.

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hand drowning

Fired Up Friday – Never Quit

It’s Fired Up Friday again, time to get excited about the business you’re building.

Success isn’t for quitters. Everyone has days that test their patience and we all encounter obstacles along the way. Some days the stress really gets to you and you start to wonder if it’s even worth all the effort. Before you throw in the towel, watch this video. 

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