Pushing Social Partners Program

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Let’s be partners.

Here’s what I propose:

Pushing Social offers three key services:

  • Reboot: Blog design and redesign
  • Catalyst: Blog business planning, and
  • Ignite:  Blog marketing.

We offer each service for $600.00, an affordable investment for serious businesses who want to get more out of their blog.

Join the PS Partner Program and I will pay you a 15% referral commission for every client you direct to Pushing Social. That’s $90 for every person who becomes customer you send.

How You Make Money

All you need to do is sign-up to be a PS Partner.  You’ll get access to our Partner Resource area.  In the Partner Resource Center, you’ll find links to each of the services and a general link to the Pushing Social blog.

Next, send visitors to Pushing Social.  Every person that clicks on your link will get tagged as “your” visitor.  This tag doesn’t expire.  That means you’ll get credit for the sale even if the person buys a year from now.

This by far is the easiest way to make money and share in the success of Pushing Social.

Ramping Up Your Income

We will continue to stock the Partner Resource Center with ads, email templates, and tips for building your income.  We will also run contests throughout the year to give you a little extra incentive.

Just remember to promote with integrity.  Pushing Social readers are practical, hardworking go-getters who deserve the best.  Don’t spam your list.  Don’t try to game the system.  If you do, you will be cut from the Partner Program.  No Exceptions.

The Next Step

Use the form on the right to sign-up for the Partner Program.  Get your links and start sending visitors.  Easy.  See you on the inside.


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