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Perhaps Brogan Deserves More…

(Listen to it)

Chris Brogan wants to sell you a few blog topics every month.

If I were you, I would pop over to his blog and pick ‘em up.  The rumor is that Chris retails at 20 grand a day, so $9.97 for a bit of inspiration is a steal.

By the way, there was a little dust up this morning when people woke up to what Chris was doing.  I watched the debate and couldn’t help but get a little pissed off.

It seems that the #1 virtue in social media today is poverty.  Chris was demonized immediately for daring to charge $10 for his time.  Some took it one step further and questioned the intelligence and originality of his customers.

Chris has been charged with promoting laziness. Others channel their inner therapist and claim that legions will get addicted to Chris’s topics.

People, that’s wrong

Chris is selling inspiration, not Crack.

Take a step back.

Sometimes, you have to admire a person for what they are trying to do.  See where you stand and then start taking action.

If you’re smart you’ll see Chris is doing you a Favor by making YOUR ideas worth something.

Now, your blog post is worth at least $9.97. A year from now, people will be arguing about the price of a post.  When that happens don’t forget to say Thank You.

Chris also introduced everyone (haters included) to a different way of monetizing your ideas.  (Don’t forget to say Thank You)

And, if you paid attention you can see how to introduce a new service.

He gave you all of this for Free.

So, I’m sure the brother would appreciate a pat on the back rather than some people’s misplaced righteous indignation.


About Stan

Stan Smith is the CEO of Pushing Social a content marketing consultancy for aggressive, results-focused organizations.

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