Premise Promises to Make Landing Pages Easy

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Salesletters and landing pages scare the beejesus out of the most hardy marketers. Even though I have written my fair share the entire process still leaves a knot in my stomach.

Here’s why…

Copywriting is hard

Even though blogs like Copyblogger offer useful guidance; it’s still difficult to craft a winning piece. Headlines are tricky to write. Leads are notoriously difficult to pin down and the rest of the letter requires frequent tweaking and rewrites.

Graphics Suck

Modern salesletters rely on solid copy and professional graphical assistance. The Social era has ushered in a refined sense of design and presentation that has become the price of entry for savvy marketers.

The days of using free clip art and “ok” graphics are over. Customers have a discerning eye. They are looking for the small design touches that project professionalism and expertise. Sales letters and landing pages that look cheap are penalized with low conversions and sales.

Pulling It All Together is a Pain

Successful online marketers must weave copy, graphics, and solid CSS/html coding skills to be able to pull off a successful project. Although WordPress provides the platform it hasn’t had a simple and elegant salesletter and landing page solution

To pull off a great landing page you needed to pay through the nose for a designer, coding team, spend hours tweaking the code yourself (painful and expensive), or purchase complicated options that get you close to your goal and then cobble together a solution.

I purchased Premise because I’m routinely dissatisfied with my landing pages. With other solutions, I usually spend hours cussing and shouting and end up with a hokey page that I eventually abandon.

However, Premise is a different experience right out of the gate.

Premise Advantages

Here are some of the features that I found the most helpful:

Easy Installation

Premise is a WordPress plugin. Just ftp the file to your plugins folder, activate it and It’s ready to go.

Modern Template Options

Premise comes with 6 ready-made templates. They include: A simple sales page, a content landing page for SEO mastery, a pricing page to elegantly present your call to action, an email list building opt-in page, a modern video landing page, and the show-stealer – a Tab Scroller page.

The Tab-Scroller template allows you to break up a long salesletter into tab-sized chunks. This is a great option for people selling high-dollar products that need a long-salesletter format. I would have paid double for just this template alone.

You can take a peek at the content landing page template here

The Manual is a Full-Throttle Copywriting Course

The Copyblogger Media team hard-coded their copywriting insight right into the sample copy for each template. So, you get a copywriting course along with the Premise tool. This is a surprise and delight that doubles the value of the tool.

You also can access the  growing content library via a button within the tool or the Premise members area.

If you are new to copywriting then you are getting a tremendous value. By the way, this is approach is an excellent example of Copyblogger’s Teaching Sells method – but I digress.

Highly Customizable

Many of the important design elements for each template is easily configured from a central dashboard. This means that you can change the colors, font, and styling of your page to give it a unique look and feel.

Tracking Built Right In

I’m a testing junkie. In my opinion, testing determines who wins and loses online. Thankfully, Premise is singing from the same song sheet.

Google Optimizer, the best free testing software available is built-in to Premise. This integration enables you to quickly set-up A/B tests for each of your landing pages. The configuration is quick and painless.

This is a game-changer for many WordPress based landing pages.

Easy SEO

Premise plays nice with the Scribe plug-in and brings in much of its functionality directly into the Premise interface. While I’ve sporadically used Scribe for blog posts, I plan on using it religiously to tweak pages for Google love.

Is Premise For Everyone?

Premise is tailor-made for marketers who use WordPress for building money-making websites. It also is good fit for content marketers seeking to attract traffic with  search optimized pages.

Even if you aren’t selling a product or building an email list, the copywriting course embedded in Premise will improve your writing in general.

You can check out Premise for yourself at (affiliate)

About Stan

Stan Smith is the Managing Director of Pushing Social a content marketing consultancy for aggressive, results-focused organizations.

19 thoughts on “Premise Promises to Make Landing Pages Easy

  1. Barbra @ Write a Bio

    You’re absolutely right about that. I think Brian Clark and the Copyblogger team have done an admirable job of establishing credibility before bringing out products. As you said, it’s like I am pre-sold on their products based on my esteem for the brand.

  2. Keith Davis

    Fabulous article Stanford
    A really in-depth look at Premise and I think that I agree with your conclusions.

    Strikes me that Premise really is a professional landing page plugin that anyone selling goods or services should be using.

    Loved this post.

  3. Pingback: How to Get More Blog Subscribers and Sales With Expert Products | @PushingSocial

  4. Stanford Post author

    You’re funny.
    Anyways… Premise is designed to work inside of your Theme. That’s why the copyblogger media crew made it a plugin vs. a theme. There’s also a ton of easy ways to modify your pages if you want to refine the look.

    Hope that helps.

  5. davidwhitehouse

    Will it work inside my theme? Or will I have to style it all to look like my theme?

    I’ll use your affiliate link if you tell me before anyone else does :)

  6. james4u

    Hello Stan,

    I have Optimize Press and I love it. I would like to have the copy writing tools and other advantages of Premise.

    Since Premise is a plugin do you think it will work on Optimize Press?

    Thank you,

  7. james4u

    Hello Stan,

    Since Optimize Press is a Word Press Theme, do you think one could use the Premise plugin with it?I’m thinking more of having the additional tools Premise offers.

    Thank youJames

  8. Digital Bunch

    Hi Stanford,

    Even I bought Premise. And I just would like to say thanks to Brian for creating such a wonderful plugin! I really loved it. I saved my lot of time! As of my experience, Premise is very easy to use and customize the landing page. I’ve been looking for such easy tool since long time.

    I decided to organize contest and give away one free premise plugin to one of my reader. Here is the contest link:

    Thank you for the review of this awesome plugin!

  9. Billy Kirsch

    Thanks for explaining all of this. I’m a small business person selling a service, not retail. I’ve been looking into HubSpot but both Premise and Scribe seem interesting to me and I could keep my wordpress site. Hubspot wants me to move into their CMS. I’ll look forward to finding out what people think of Premise after it gets more use.

  10. Stanford Post author

    That’s right. Making Premise a plug-in rather than a theme was a smart move. Now Premise will be able to work alongside premium themes like Genesis.

  11. Luis Colon

    Wow looks great, its very important to have alternate tools because many people its using OptimizePress and the landing pages are looking very similar.

  12. Stanford Post author

    You bring up a great point. The Copyblogger folks have spent considerable effort in pre-selling their products. Every blog post builds a relationship that pays off when they deliver a product. It’s icing on the cake that it’s sensational as well!

  13. David Bourne


    Thanks for the review. I’m already sold on Premise, but your overview made it even easier to purchase.

    I’m early in the landing pages game, but I can already see how Premise will save a TON of time.

    Plus, I love those Copyblogger folks. I’d probably buy Premise if it seemed only half as good. And that’s the biggest lesson of all, right there.



  14. Laura Click

    You have me drooling, Stanford! I was blown away when I took a peek at it yesterday – it certainly packs a lot of bang for your buck. I’ve actually been building a list of things I needed my developer to do to improve my site and much of the list involved helping me build a better sales page template. Now, I don’t have to do that. I’m thrilled.

    But, I was curious to hear more from someone who had taken a look around. I was already planning to purchase it, but you helped push me over the edge. Thanks for giving us the nickel tour for this product. I can’t wait to take a look at it myself!

  15. Stanford Post author

    I’ve used Optimize Press. It’s a powerful tool. However, it’s a theme rather than a plugin which makes it difficult to integrate into your existing theme. Also the Optimize Press template were difficult to modify. There are gobs of people who love Optimize Press, but I found Premise to be a simple and elegant solution for getting up great pages fast.

  16. Seth

    Thanks for the review, quite helpful. Have you used any of the other WP landing page plugins/themes such as Squeeze Plugin or Optimize Press? I’m curious how it compares to those.

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