Problems We Solve

We are passionate about solving marketing problems. We want the tough ones. The ones that stand in the way of what you need to accomplish.

Content marketing, social media, growth, and lead generation is tough. It gets more complicated everyday. But along with complexity comes opportunity for those who can solve the tough questions in their industry first.

Our approach is built on 4 key principles:

1. Customer-Focused

Content marketing depends on delivering information so good that your prospects would be willing to pay for.  We’ll help you understand the voice of the customer and craft new ways to demonstrate why your product is relevant.

2. Data Driven

We’ve learned that assumptions, “gut feelings” and hunches lie.  We’ll help you identify the key performance indicators for your business and create programs that deliver quantifiable results.

3. Accountability

We will work your program like it was our own.  You’ll know exactly what is working and what isn’t.

4. Sustainability

We offer content marketing solutions that work week after week, month after month.  We combine coaching, training, and simplicity to create long-range programs that can be executed flawlessly.

Content Marketing

Creating your content strategy

Do you have one? Not sure where to start? Not sure if you even need a strategy?

What we can do for you:

  • Review your situation
  • Find your strengths
  • Show you how to win

Implementing your content strategy

Has a consultant dropped off a flashy strategy but boogied out the back door when you asked them to implement it? We can help.

What we can do for you:

  • Begin creating the content you need to execute your strategy
  • Create the processes you need to see consistent and repeatable success
  • Develop the reports and dashboards needed to review and improve your plan’s performance

Training and coaching you or your team

Do you a team that is capable of executing your plan but need new skills?

What we can do for you:

  • Blog writing workshops
  • Social media management and community moderation training
  • Content marketing analytics set-up and reporting

Conversion Rate Optimization and Lead Nurturing

Can you row a small boat across a lake with a hole in the bottom? No.  Let’s reframe the question, can you run a successful marketing strategy when you 99% of your leads never return to your website to take action? No.

Marketing Automation Software Installation and Configuration

Marketing automation is a wonder. The right software can usher your leads through a well-choreographed demonstration of your expertise and capability to solve their needs.  There’s one problem, marketing automation is devilishly hard to configure for most businesses.

Let us help you with:

  • Assessing your current situation and identifying the best marketing automation software needs.
  • Installation and custom configuration of the marketing automation software suite of your choice.
  • Marketing automation software integration with your current CRM and website.

Marketing Automation Team Training

Something interesting happens every Monday morning in Conference Room A – smart CMOs and Directors of marketing try (desperately) decode the reports their marketing automation software spits out.

Even worse, most marketing departments can’t use their software without calling in expensive consultants and wasting weeks teaching yet another account executive their business.

We can:

  • Train your team on how to use your marketing automation suite and adapt it to changing priorities and objectives.

We offer several ways to work with us.  Our goal is to offer you the fee structure that works best for your business.

Flat Fee
We quote a one-time fee to complete the project to your satisfaction. You pay the same fee no matter how much time or expenses incurred by our team.

Time and Materials
Our fees are based on an hourly fee plus expenses.

Equity Sharing
We complete the project in exchange for equity shares in the business.

Performance Based
With this arrangement, we are paid based on an agreed upon improvement on performance.

Custom Structure
We are happy to combine several approaches to fit your situation.

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