I got fired up this week and challenged myself to publish a new post everyday.

Mission accomplished.  

The scary thing is that I kind of like it!  If you are a subscriber you’re getting all of the Pushing Social goodness sent directly, in full-text, to your email.  Sorry if I blew up your inbox, but now you know what to expect. By the way, if you aren’t subscribed to PS you can do the right thing at the bottom of this post  PS: Best of the Week : Blog Promotion

Now let’s take a look at the most provocative, helpful, and downright awesome links that I came across this week:

We Know Faster But Do We Know More?
Somedays the answer is a firm no.  We have the world at our fingertips but what are we really doing with it?

How to Build an Engaged Audience With Content Marketing
Danny Iny is everywhere these days and this week he was back on Copyblogger with slamdunk guest post.  In this one he asked the pillars of social media how they went about engaging their audience.  Their answers are worth reading…twice.

 5 Tips to Sell Your Blog: 
I saw this Social Media Examiner post bounce all over the blogosphere this week.  The topic is simple and grabs you by the wallet.  If you ever thought about flipping your blog then give this a close look.

15 Ways to Use Twitter to Toast Your Competition
My Man, Mark Schaefer serves up a practical, real-world blueprint to using Twitter like a pro.  Worth bookmarking since he’s definitely the leading thinker on the subject (among others).

The Truth About Abs: How to Make $1,000,000 Profit Per Month with Digital Products
I can’t begin to explain how much I loved this post by Tim Ferriss.  It’s the type of open-kimono writing that has made him so successful.  In this post he reveals how a guy turned his passion into a $1M /month lifestyle business.

This Weeks Blog Posts

Fire Bullets Then Cannon Balls  – The Secret to Social Business

7 Ways to Use Slide Share to Get More Blog Traffic

Why Walmart is Making a Huge Social Media Mistake

Is Your Blog Theme Confusing Your Readers?













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  • fergusonsarah

    I agree that increasing of frequency also boost up traffic.

    • Stanford

      Yep. It sure does.

  • lauraclick

    I noticed you were posting a lot this week – way to go! You’ll have to let me know how it works out for you. I suspect that increasing frequency also increased traffic. Am I right?

    I like roundup posts – I think with all of the great content out there it’s helpful to people. I’ve done this in spurts, but haven’t been sure if it’s useful to people or not. It may be time to bring it back. We’ll see.

    • Stanford

      @lauraclick Yep, I decided to kick it up a notch. I’ll probably write a post to share my thoughts after 30 days. I have to admit that I did a round-up post because 1) It’s easy to write and 2) I love em’ so if I find them useful than I imagine PSers would to.

      • lauraclick

        @Stanford That’s exactly why I was doing weekly roundups. But, if I’m only writing 2-3 posts a week, I didn’t want a third of my posts to be roundups. i’m trying to decide if I should bring it back. I’ll be interested to see your recap on the changes.