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Pushing Social Digest: 5 Business Marketing Articles Worth Bookmarking

I kicked of a new blog series, talked about ghost blogging, and even got a little militant with a Manifesto.


5 Great Social and Business Articles Worth Reading Twice

5 Easy Ways to Drive Business with LinkedIn

LinkedIn doesn’t get as much attention as its glamorous cousins.  It’s dismissed as being a digital rolodex.  But, savvy pros are using it everyday to build relationships and power their business.  Laura Click offers 5 quick ways you can start using LinkedIn for your business too.

The Difference Between Money Work and Busy Work

Are you actually earning money or just staying busy?  This concise gem cuts to the core of the most important question in business – where do you spend your time?

What Does it Take to Write a Billion-Dollar Marketing Story

What can Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles teach you about marketing?  Plenty, in fact a billion dollars worth of marketing advice is packed into this incredible post.  Take a look.

PR Pro: I Bought Twitter Followers

I love articles like this.  As a social media thinker I often get distracted by the faux ethics of social media.  This author bought followers and offers a clear reason why.  Sure he’s getting the predictable tsk, tsk from the social priesthood but his reasoning is sound.  See for yourself.

How I Built a Blog That Earned $10,000 in 5 Months

Show me the money!  This is a great article by the genius behind Kaiserthesage  – an amazing blog about cutting edge SEO tactics.  The author set-up a blog and used solid techniques to earn $10,000 quickly.  Follow his roadmap and get his results.

On Pushing Social This Week:

3 Sure Signs That Your Small Business is Ready for Social Media

I believe in the power of social media even social business.  However, social only works if you start with a solid business. Here’s a slap on the rump to stay focused on the “real deal” first before getting carried away with social media.

The Pushing Social Manifesto

I respect you and your dreams.  This manifesto describes exactly why.

3 Ways to Get Blog Content When You’re Strapped For Time

An awesome debut guest post from Lukas Pleva.  He offers an in-depth guide for using freelance writers for blog content.  It’s a must read.

How to Grow a Spectacular Blog Even If You Have a Day Job

I’m kicking off another series that will cover the productivity, time-management, and balance side of running a successful blog.  I’ll serve up the first installment on Monday.

PS Readers Spotlight

Every week I highlight a PS Reader who has asked me to review their blog.  This is a shout out to them and a gentle nudge for you to check them out.  :)

This week the spotlight is on: Meredith Johnston at Yoga Vibes.   Yoga Vibes is a cool online learning center for anyone interested in Yoga.  I offered the Yoga Vibes team 10 recommendations for bringing their blog up to the same level as their innovative service.

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