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Pushing Social Digest: Five Motivating Marketing Articles

This week brought a handful of thought provoking articles that motivated me to step-up my game.  Spend some time with them and tell me what you think.

10 Steps to Becoming A Better Writer

I actually remember when Brian wrote this post on the secret to becoming a better writer.  It’s so simple that you’ll dismiss it. Don’t.  In fact, follow every line.

Do You Suffer From Social Media Shiny Object Syndrome.

Go ahead and admit it. Do you jump from strategy to strategy, tool to tool hoping that you’ll hit social media pay dirt?  If so, spend a few minutes with this post.  Laura will set you straight.

How to Get Attention Money Can’t Buy

Robert Bruce makes a profound point about storytelling with an equally profound photo.

Are You Ready For Your “Shark Tank” Moment?

I love watching Shark Tank.  The show always reminds me to invest time in creating a 30-second elevator pitch that captivates and sells.  This Fast Company article chronicles the adventure of Steve Gadlin’s “I Want to Draw A Cat For You” and what it means to get seed funding from a billionaire. You’ll learn what it takes to capture attention and how to make it pay.

Why Great Bloggers Often Don’t Make for Great Speakers

Marcus Sheridan is a terrifically entertaining speaker.  He works hard at his craft and it shows.  This week he writes about a interesting paradox, many great bloggers suck at speaking.  Why?  Marcus has an interesting theory and useful questions for aspring “blog speakers” to consider.

On Pushing Social This Week:

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