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Two neighboring farmers worried about their crops.

The planting season started late hampered by unexpected and sometimes freakish weather.  Unexpected frost, hail storms, and the driest season in almost 10 years threatened to destroy their harvest.  Each farmer knew that all they needed was a week’s worth of harvest-saving rain.

One Sunday, the town preacher invited the congregation to bring their needs to the altar.  Both farmers made their way to the front, knelt and pleaded for rain.  Both rose to their feet, hugged their families close and headed home.

However one farmer decided to plant an extra field of late-season crops.  He worked the entire afternoon tilling the soil and planting the seeds.  His three boys helped him prepare the field late into the afternoon skipping their usual Sunday afternoon fishing.

All day, The other farmer watched in confusion.

Why was his neighbor planting a new field?  Didn’t he have enough problems?  Their current crops were in danger so why was he taking the risk?  Curiosity won out and he decided to pay his neighbor a visit.  Sitting together on the neighbor’s front porch, the farmer asked his friend, “Why in heck did you plant a new field today?”

His friend looked off into the distance and said “Well, we prayed for rain this morning.”

“Sure, we did – but what does that have to do with planting a new field?”

“Well” the farmer said as he coaxed his sore back and legs from his porch rocking chair,  “I believe that if you have faith then you better prepare for rain.”

How Are You Preparing For Success?

I’m reminded that wishing for success is different than planning for success.  If you want your blog to success you need to prepare for rain.  Do the little things that matter.

Tell me, what did you do this week to prepare for rain?  Please share, your story will inspire others.

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Stan Smith is the Managing Director of Pushing Social a content marketing consultancy for aggressive, results-focused organizations.

One thought on “Pushing Social Digest: Getting Ready for Your Blog’s Success

  1. Victory Unlimited

    Hey Stanford Smith,

    Great site you have here. I discovered it while doing my routine Internet Marketing Recon. In answer to your question “How are you preparing for success?”, here’s my input:

    I think that the story you’ve just shared is a powerful parable that demonstrates the combined power of PASSION and FAITH. As you said, it’s one thing to “wish” for something to happen, but it’s quite another to “prepare” for something to happen. Therefore, I believe that any lack of willingness to take action on what you believe can be interpreted as a sign of little faith and/or a lack of true commitment.

    I currently have a site/show aimed at helping nice guys win in life by becoming “better” men today than they were yesterday. What I’ve begun to do to prepare for more success is a variation of the old Field of Dreams strategy “If you build it, they will come”.

    What I’ve begun to do is broadcast shows and post up articles that speak to the specific needs that people are having at specific times in their lives. Then, I reach out through social media, advertising, etc. to find audiences who would benefit from my most recent posts———then I direct those specific people to that specific post.

    In the end, I guess you could call the strategy “Go ahead and build it, then INVITE them to come.” In a way, you could say that the mission I’m trying to accomplish is to steer opportunities my way that I am actually ALREADY prepared for. So far, this is a brand new strategy I’m implementing.

    I’d be interested to know your thoughts regarding this kind of plan.

    Much respect and continued success to you.

    ~Victory Unlimited

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