Pushing Social Digest: Marketing Articles You Should Read Twice

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Here are some gems that caught my eye this week.

Should Bloggers Repackage Content to Sell As Ebooks?

Spoiler Alert:  Yes!  Your blog is a treasure trove of content that can be turned into a nice source of income.  This article will tell you how to get started.

How the U.S. Army is Using Bloggers

Wow, the U.S. Army is kicking serious butt with their blogging program.  The key to their success?  Turning their soldiers into content creators.  Check it out.

How to Lower the Bar and Create Bigger Wins

I hate procrastination.  It’s an enemy that threatens to steal your dreams.  The weird thing about procrastination is that it often uses “excellence” and high-expectations as a tool to trip you up.  Read this article to see how to short-circuit procrastination for good.

The Lunch Pail Manifesto

This simple post showcases incredible writing and an inspiring message.  I guarantee that you’ll never look at the craft of writing the same way again after reading this post.

Nice Blogs Finish Last

Read this post from Jay Baer at least twice.  Then reread it at least once a month.  This post is a straight-forward explanation and prescription for aligning your blog with your business goals.

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3 thoughts on “Pushing Social Digest: Marketing Articles You Should Read Twice

  1. Valerie

    Thank you for creating this annotated list. There is some very handy information in these blogs. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Katie McAleece

    I love the first article on turning your blog content into an eBook. I’m still reading, and still enjoying all of the insight you share with us. Thank you!

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