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Pushing Social Digest: Smart Marketing Stuff

I‘m still on a high from the excellent Social Slam conference last week.  If you are stuck, discouraged, or burned out then find a conference and meet up with your customers, suppliers, and social friends IRL (In Real Life). It’s a terrific way to recharge.

Let’s end the week on a high note with 5 incredibly helpful links I found this week:

The Story of Money Is Not a Straight Line

Seth Godin visually explains (in a round about way) why free access to information doesn’t necessarily mean the reader will act on it.  Great insight for people who sell information, coaching, and training for a living.

The Heart of Innovation: The List of Lists

Inspiration, creativity, and innovation are the fuel for business success.  This list of lists will point you to the best resources on creativity and innovation on the Web.  Be careful, you can easily spend your entire day reading this captivating content.

Google+ Hangout Can Energize Marketing Plans

Bit by bit, I’m becoming a Google+ believer.  This article shows how to use Google Hangouts for impromptu and planned get togethers with your key customers.  Worth considering!

Traditional Advertising is Truly Dead

Robert Bruce makes a devastatingly accurate critique of the current state of traditional advertising.  This post is also a great example of an opinion post done well.

5 Ways to Open the Social Side Door and Build Relationships

Want to get noticed?  This article is an amazingly helpful guide to accomplishing your goal.  All 5 suggestions are unorthodox, proven, and unique.

On Pushing Social This Week

Blogging Tips for Coaches and Therapists

Specific blogging tips for professionals working to get clients for their practice.

7 Blog Promotions Tests You Should Try Now

Always Be Testing is the theme of this article.  Pushing the envelope and actively testing new promotion approaches is the only way to grow your blog readership.

The Key to Writing Blog Posts That Get Noticed

No it isn’t headlines, subheadlines, or other well-worn suggestions.  Actually, the key is much simpler than you think.

Digging Deeper: 10 Big Blogging Ideas for 2012

An in-depth at my 10 Ultimate Blogging Ideas presentation from Social Slam #SoSlam.

PS Reader’s Spotlight:

Every week I highlight a PS Reader who has asked me to review their blog.  This is a shout out to them and a gentle nudge for you to check them out.  :)

This week the spotlight is on: Shelley Miller at Home Exchange Expert .   Shelley has an amazing story and writing style.  I was so engrossed in her stories that I forgot that I was supposed to be critiquing her blog!

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